Lodge St. Andrew No 524


1965 - 1984


In Brother Neil McMillan, Jnr, R.W.M., 1965 we have, surely, the genuine Lodge St. Andrew "local-boy". As we have seen, the rivalties of "locals" and "New Townies" dated back to 1947 approximately.

Brother Neil was the son of Bro. Neil McMillan, Snr, P.M. in 1934 and Great-Grandson of the Bro. N . McMillan, Founder Member and Senior Deacon in 1872. This was a great tradition for our R.W.M of 1965 to live up to. Bro. Neil chaired all off his 22 meetings, Initiated 20 Candidates and received 5 Brothers as Affiliates. The Degree work was by Lodge P.M.s assisted by Bros. N . Robb, W. McLachlan Jnr, R. Orr, A. Fraser and A . Mackie. Lodges No. 27, 116, 458 and 1557 also took part whilst on Deputation to the Lodge. The first three were headed by Bros. Jarvis, Marrow and McCourty respectively.

The Mark Degree was in the hands of Bro. J. McLatchie I.P.M. when 21 Bros. were advanced. The Building Fund continued to receive donations; £200 from Social Committee via Bro. W. Wallace,

£9 per Bro. A. Wales, £3.10.0 per Bro. D. Nelson U.S.A., £2.16.0 per Bro. J. Cantley and £5 Anon - a total of £220.6.0. An Appeal was made to the Brethren to consider letting the lodge have interest free loans. Bro. McLatchie I.P.M. thanked all who had assisted the Lodge Bazaar. Lodge average Collections had increased, yet again, to £6.6.0.

Bro. D. P. Marshall C.A. had become Lodge treasurer. Lodge Almoner was now Bro. Tom Harrison, who was quite tireless in performing this duty. Lodge Benevolence was £5 to a brother and £15.15.0 each to Provincial and Grand Lodges. The Building Fund stood at £446.10.0. Provincial Grand Lodge visited the Lodge in March and declared a “Clear Minute“. The Deaths were reported of 3 P.M.s

Bros. R. Aitkenhead, M . Bickett and W . McMartin. And also, of our Canadian “pioneer'' Bro. J . Gilchrist. Brother 5 James F. Nicol was Elected R.W.M. for 1966 by the Brethren and Installed as such by Bros. T. Greig and J. McLatchie P.M.s in the December.


Brother Nicol held 18 Regular and 1 Special meeting in 1966, entering 19 Candidates and 4 Affiliates in that time. Among the Affiliates were Bros. Chas. McCall and W. Gilmour (Snr). Lodges Nos. 458,

1230, 1265 and 1557 conferred Degrees whilst on visits to the Lodge headed by Bros. Wylie, May, Esler and Gibbons respectively. P. M. Bro. A. Watson of Lodge Abercrombie also took part in the

Working. The Mark Degree was conferred by Bro. J. McLachlan P.M. on 16 Master Masons. Deputations were also received from Lodges 116 and 307 with Bros. Morrow and Hannah in charge.

Provincial Grand Lodge made their Annual Visit in March headed by the P.G. M. Bro. H. Blain. A “Clear Minute'' was inscribed. Lodge Benevolence during this year was of £5 to a Brother and in the sums of £26.5.0 and £50 to Provincial and Grand Lodges respectively. The Building Fund benefited by 2 sums from the Social Committee of £200 and £300. The Finance and the Action Committee in a combined report declared that the sum of £5000 was now available for the rebuilding of the Hall, as and when the Plans were passed by the Dean-of-Guild. Brother Walter MacLachlan (Jnr), Junior Warden, who was emigrating to Canada, was presented with a Masonic Bible by the Lodge Brethren. The Office of Junior Warden was left vacant until the next Election. A Communication from Grand Lodge deterring to the Ancient Penalties and repetitive portions of degree Working was passed to Committee for consideration. It was agreed to increase Lodge Fees to meet Grand Lodge enactments and the following were amended: Test Fee to £1: Life Membership to £10 and Initiation to £15. Lodge Average collections increased to £6.12.0. The Province of' Renfrewshire East suffered a sad loss in the Month of September when the P.G.M. Bro. H . Blain died. He had been the most friendly and approachable of Brothers. His successor was Brother Wm. Binnie. At the A.G.M. in November the reading of Treasurers report had to be postponed due to Treasurers illness. Brother Archibald McLachlan was elected R.W.M. for 1967 and installed by his own Brother - P.M. Bro. J. McLachlan assisted by P.M. Bro. D. Shearer.


Brother A. McLachlan, R.W.M. in 1967, for many years a hard-working Brother behind the scenes, conducted 21 Meetings during his year and in that time added 23 new members to the Roll plus an

Affiliated Member. He was assisted in the Working by Lodge P.M.s and a large number of Visiting Lodges. These were Lodges 116. 307, 458, 606, 1265, 1430 and 1557 headed by Bros. Morrison,

Carrey. Nichol, Hughes, Henderson, Allison and Govan. The Mark Degree was conferred by P.M. Bro. J. McLatchie on 21 Master Masons. 2 Brothers reported attending Lodge Consecrations; Bro. J. Pollock to Lodge Mauldsley Castle and Bro. J. Clark to Lodge the Duke of Hamilton. A welcome visitor during the year was Bro. T. Braithwaite, now resident in England. Lodge Almoner Bro. T. Harrison, his health continuing poorly, was obliged to resign his Office. The Lodge thus lost an Almoner, par excellence. Benevolence lay in £35 to the new Third Masonic Home and to Provincial and Grand Lodges £26.5.0 and £50 respectively. A Donation of £2 was also made to the Bro. Pate Testimonial. Bros. W. Wallace P.M. and Bro. W. Carrick presented the Lodge with 100 new chairs and, also, a cheque for £300 toward Building fund. An unusual step was taken by the Lodge at the end of the year when its Social Committee for 1968 was set up. It was then agreed that the Social Committee would be P.M. Bro. W. Wallace with the power to select his assistants in the Committee as he saw fit. At this time a Steering Committee for Lodge Centenary in 1972 was appointed. The Members were; Bros. D. Marshall, J. McLatchie, W. Wallace, D. MacDonald and the R.W.M. Bro. A. McLachlan. The “Ancient Penalties” Committee reported having met but there were no recommendations. Bro. M. Mora was thanked by the R.W.M. for his expert work in renovating the 2 Masters Chains in Lodge. And in response to many requests it was agreed to install a telephone in the Lodge-room. Lodge rebuilding plans were still not approved and in a reply E.K.D.C. stated that they were in the process of re-developing the whole Village area. The Installation of the new P.G.M. Bro. Wm. Binnie took place in April. Provincial Grand Lodge made their Annual Visit in March and entered a “Clear minute'' for 1966. For R.W.M. in 1968 the Brethren Elected Bro. Alex Wales. He was Installed by P.M.s Bros. W. Wallace and T. Greig in December.


Brother Alex Wales conducted 20 meetings in all and entered 20 Candidates plus 2 Affiliates. In this he was assisted by Lodge P.M.s and Bro. R. Orr together with Deputations from Lodges 116, 307,

458, 1186 Stoneyburn and 1557 headed by Bros. Innes, Little, Linton, Mooney, W. Harper. The Mark Degree was conferred by Bro. J. McLatchie. P.M. A number of Brethren of the Lodge accompanied

Bro. J. McLatchie to Lodge Girvan No. 237 when he and Bro. A. Gibbons P. M./1557 Installed the R.W.M. and his Office-bearers. At Lodge St. Andrew the Lodge Members were greatly pleased to hear that a member of the Lodge, Bro. Major Robert Aitkenhead, had been Installed as R.W.M. of Lodge Lord Kitchener No. 3402 (E.C.) in Cyprus. Lodge Benevolence that year equalled £26.5.0 to Provincial Grand Lodge And £50.0.0 to Grand Lodge. Lodge Average Collection was now £7.1.0. Bro. W. Carrick, on behalf of the Social Committee, donated £400 to the Building Fund which had now reached £4736. Provincial Grand Lodge made its Official Visit in March headed by the P.G.M. Bro. W. Binnie. He was accompanied by 21 of his colleagues in Provincial Grand Lodge. A “Qualified Clear Minute'' was inscribed by them for the year 1967 Working in the Lodge. In their Minute was noted, “All Fees to Grand Lodge appear to have been paid but are not yet vouched'' The P.G.M. presented a Diploma as Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden to P.M. Bro. R. Glendinning. The P.G.M. returned in May with a Deputation and presented to Bro. Glendinning, on behalf of the Lodge, a Jewel as Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden. He also presented, to P.M. Bro. J. Shedden, again on behalf of the Lodge, a Diploma of Distinguished Membership. P.M. Bro. N. McMillan (Snr) was also to receive a Diploma of Distinguished Membership but was not present to receive it Bro. Neil was in indifferent health at this time. At the Nomination and Election Meeting Bro. R. Orr was Elected R.W.M. for 1969. His Installing Masters in December were P.M.s Bros. W. Wallace and J. Leggatt. The Treasurers Books had not been Audited in time for the A.G.M. in November and, in the December, the Treasurer, Bro. D. P. Marshall C.A., resigned. At Grand Lodge the new Grand Master was Bro. David Liddell-Granger of Ayton.


Brother Robert Orr took up Office as R.W.M. for 1969 at a time when Lodge Administration was in disarray. It is with regret that these words are penned, and having done so, one is obliged to say something of why this was so. The “unsteadiness” of this period, which was not finally Cleared until May 1970, stemmed from the fact that for a number of years the presentation of Lodge Annual Statement of Account had been of a different nature to that traditionally practiced; to the non-production of this statement at 2 A.G.M. Meetings; to misunderstanding of Lodge's Social Fund and its intermissions – all of which led to a “Qualified Clear Minute'' in March 1968 and yet another in January 1969. The Lodge itself, on 14th January 1969, received the Balance Sheet for 1968. It was accepted. Provincial Grand Lodge, making an early Official Visit in January, on the 28th, gave a ''Clear Minute'' but once again qualified this with a rider, “. . .we are not satisfied that the Amounts in each Account have been correctly allocated and call on the Secretary and Treasurer to approach P.G.L. for advice in making corrective adjustments . . .”

The R.W.M., Bro. R. Orr, conducted 20 Meetings during 1969, missing one only due to illness. 24 New Members were added to the Roll and Degree Work was carried out by the Lodge P.M.s. and Brother James Clark. Assistance was provided also by lodges 116, 307, 1265, 1536 and 1557. The Visiting Lodges were led by Bros Watson, Dove, Henderson, Reid and Belshaw. Bro. L. Belshaw, R.W.M. l 557, it was noted, was the First Initiate of Lodge Douglas to attain the Chair of the Lodge. The Mark Degree in May was conferred by P.M. Bro. J. McLachlan upon 20 Members. An Invitation to Lodge Rutherglen No. 116's Divine Service to mark their 200th Anniversary was received. A number of Bros. attended. A report about Lodge 116's 200th Anniversary and Dinner was also given by the writer. He also reported on the Opening Ceremony at the Third Masonic Home in Dunblane. P.M. Bro. J. McLachlan also reported a visit to Lodge Lewis, Whitehaven, E.C., accompanied by Bro. D. MacDonald, S.W. Bro Roy Adams, Marshal, was obliged to resign his orifice as he was to leave to take up residence in England. He was warmly thanked by the R.W.M. for his services. The Obituaries were reported of 2 well-known Brothers: P.M. Bro. R. Currie and Bro. T. Harrison, Past Almoner. The Funeral of Bro. T. Harrison took place on the morning of the Lodge Installation in December.

A large number of Bros. of the Lodge also attended the Memorial Service at Lodge St. John. Busby, of their Worthy P.M. Bro. James Orr. In April of 1969 Bro J. Alexander was Installed as Lodge Treasurer. The General Committee received in September a Social Fund Balance Sheet. It was noted that the Fund had a Credit Balance of even in Stocks and Cash. Proposals received at this time to change Meeting Night to Friday; to erase Circulars and to advertise and to raise Annual Test Fee to 15/-, put to the Lodge, were defeated. The Hall keepers wage was discussed at some length and it was eventually resolved to retain the present system but to raise his Commission.

The Hall Building Action Committee reported that the cost of the New Building proposed would be £21,000. As a result it was finally decided to give up Plans for a New Building and to concentrate on a Extension and Renovation. The Fund for Re-Building received a further boost in the sum of £400 from the Development Fund'' being promoted by Bro. W. Carrick. “The Ancicnt Penalities” and “Centenary” Committees not having reported were urged to do so. At the A.G.M. the Treasurer's Annual Statement was again delayed due to “unforseen difficulties“. Lodge Benevolence in 1969 was to

Provincial and Grand Lodges: £20 each. Bro. D. MacDonald was Elected R.W.M. for 1970. Lodge Secretary and Treasurer were Bros. J. B. Parkhill P.M., and J. Alexander respectively. Lodge Senior Warden was Bro. W. Carrick and Junior Warden Bro. N. Robb. The Installation was carried out by P.M.s Brothers J. McLachlan and T. Greig.


The strained Administrative position had not as yet been resolved when, Bro. D. MacDonald, began his year as R.W.M. Happily this was accomplished in a short time. In December 1969 the P.G.M. directed that P.M. Bro. R. Glendinning would be Lodge Treasurer, “Pro Tem”. This was in no way a reflection on the Lodges elected Treasurer, Bro. J. Alexander, but a charge on Bro. Glendinning to bring the Lodges Financial Returns to an acceptable state. Bro. R. Glendinning, referring to the ''mixed up Funds'' of the Lodge, recommended that all accounts, including Social Accounts, be read in Lodge before payment: that more than one estimate be taken for all Lodge Harmony catering and that Lodge Licence be most strictly confined to use of the Lodge only. He also later recommended that Social Fund Monies should NOT be used to purchase Stocks for any body other than the Lodge. It was agreed that a Stock Audit be taken. This was taken on the 4th May by P.M.s G. Glendinning, H. Morrison and Bro. R. Aitkenhead. Provincial Grand Lodge made their Official Visit on 14th April 1970 headed by the P.G.M. Bro. Wm. Binnie. He was accompanied by 24 of his colleagues. There was in fact a total of 120 Brethren present.

A "Clear Minute'' was inscribed but it was noted that the Financial Statement was not yet ready for presentation. During the Competent Business of the Lodge that evening an Account due to Tennent

Caledonian of £417 was read and passed for payment - the first such of its kind. A Second Degree was conferred the same evening by P.M. Bro. A. Wales, and the R.W.M., reminding the Brethren that the present Hall was now 60 years old, described the efforts made in 1910 to erect the Hall and called on all to give the same unstinted service to the Extending and Renovating about to take place. The P.G.M ., at his Visitations directed that all Finances were to be in order within l Month. On April 28th a vital Finance Committee Meeting took place, and on the 5th of May, the “Clear letter” required by the P.G.M. was signed by the Administrative Office Bearers. 'This was passed at once to the P.G.M. and, being accepted, the Financial tribulations of the Lodge, which had lasted too long, were at an end. In the October of the year, 1970, the Treasurer's report, Audited, was accepted by the Lodge. The new Hall Building Action Committee consisted of the R.W.M., S.W ., J.W., I .P. M ., whereas., Secretary, P.M. Bro. T. Greig and Bro. G. Wilson Snr. In February the E.K.D.C. agreed to Lodge plans for reconstruction toward the front of the building. In March the Committee met Messrs. Hawk and Crossan, Architects to discuss the Plans, Costs and Clerking of the Work. It was decided to call for 6 tenders to the Work and to request a Bridging loan of £5000 from the Provincial Building Society. We're monthly repayments were learnt to be £55. Provincial Grand Lodge were requested to acknowledge the Lodges intention and this was done. A11 were urged to expedite the Working and its activities. 3 Estimates to the Work were received and that of the Barrhead Builders Ltd., was selected. Their estimate was £11,362, and Work to be completed 20 weeks after its “on-site'' beginning. It was now necessary for the Lodge to find a Temporary Home during rebuilding. The Scout Hall in Kirktonholme Rd., was found to be suitable and was agreed to by Provincial Grand Lodge. Through the good Offices of Bro. Gavin Gordon all arrangements necessary, including storage space were made. A Garage too was rented for some Lodge stores and yet more were accommodated by P. M. Bro. N. McMillan Jnr. The Lodges last meeting in the “Old Hall'' was on May 26th 1970 when Bros. J. McLachlan and J. McLatchie P.M.s conferred the Mark Degree on 24 Brethren. The Lodge thereafter met in the Scout Hall until August/September 1971 - of which more anon. The new Social Committee mooted an Annual Ball, Dances, Children’s Outing, Ladies Night, Burns Night, Summer Sail, and Visits to the Mausoleum and a Distillery. Not all of these were realized however, as almost every active Brother was fully extended with the relocation of the Lodge, its rebuilding and the many issues stemming from these. The “Ancient Penalties”

Committee reported on March 3rd and at the Regular Meeting March 10th it fell to the R.W.M. omit the Oath from the Obligation. This is now lodge policy. The R.W.M. called on General Committee to select a date, for Lodge Centenary 1972. The date of Saturday 16th September 1972 was recommended. This was agreed by the Lodge.

During 1970 21 Meetings were held and the Writer had the good fortune to be able to Chair all of these. 26 new members were added to the Roll together with 3 Affiliates and 1 Honorary Member. Among the Affiliates was Bro. R. R. Campbell. The Honorary Member was Bro. Jas. Hughes P.M., Lodge Rosslyn, No. 606. Bro. Hughes, an absolute pillar of the Lodge Rosslyn, had always made the members of Lodge St. Andrew No. 524 so very welcome and assisted greatly in arranging our visits to Rosslyn Chapel. The Degree working of the Lodge was carried out by the Lodge P.M.s assisted by Bro. K. Hutchison and others. Also by Visiting Deputations from Lodges 307, 606, 1265, 1536 and 1557 headed by Bros. Gray, Bain, Smart, Hamilton and Pettigrew respectively. Bro. W. Carrick passed the sum of £400 from the “Development Fund” to Treasurer for Lodge Building Fund and asked that £180 be set aside to purchase the Gas Boiler for the New Halls Central Heating Plant. Lodge Benevolence was in the sums of £15 to a widow and £20 each to Provincial Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge Benevolent Funds. Lodge Average Collection equalled £6.19.0. The New Centenary Fund, collected so steadily by P.M. Bro. Jas. Nicol had reached £25.5.0 over the 2 years to date. Over this period too the sum of £1172 was drawn from the Sale of Refreshments. Lodge Attendance in 1970 equalled an average of 84. After the recess theLodge met as stated in Scout Hall, Kirktonholme Rd. The very first such meeting was much marred by the news of the Death, whilst on holiday, of Bro. T. Peacock. Added to this Bro. W. Carrick was ill inHospital. It was possible however to give the Lodge some good news at the A.G.M. in November. This was that “the rebuilding and renovating of the Lodge had begun!”. P. M. Bro. J. McLatchie proposed that Brethren of the Lodge give interest-free loans to the Lodge Building Fund and found that this met with a satisfactory response. The Provincial Building Society agreed to let the Lodge have a Bridging loan of £5,000. A Notice of Motion to end Lodge Circulars and to Advertise instead was again defeated, but only on the Chairman's casting vote. At this time the sudden death occurred of the P.G.M. Bro. Wm. Binnie. The Lodge later nominated Bro. R. Denholm as his successor. The Lodge Elected Bro. Wm. Carrick as R.W.M. for 1971 and his Installation took place in the Public Hall in December at the hands of P.M.s Bro. T. Greig and Jas. Nicol. At a General Committee Meeting at the end of the year it was agreed that an Official Order Book, serialized, be used for all Refreshment Orders by the Lodge.

Consideration was also given to appointing a new Hallkeeper after the resignation of Bro. C. Limond. Committee Meetings had been many and the labours of many Brothers were almost constant. All lookedforward to the completion of the New Hall and were resolved to maintain their efforts to see it completed. This ended a very busy year for the Lodge.


The first day of Bro. W. Carrick's year, 1971, was marred by the sudden death of the hard-working P.M. Bro. R. Glendinning, Lodge Treasurer. Brother Robert, as was related, was a Past S.W. of the

Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East. His son George, P.M. Bro. G. Glendinning, was Elected and Installed in the Office of Treasurer in February. The Obituaries were also reported of Bros. R.

Cranston and J. Whyte later in the year. In the December of 1971 too, the Province as a wholes suffered a great loss in the passing of Bro. S. Love, P.P.G.M. The Office of llodge Secretary too had a new occupant - Bro. John B. Parkhill P.M., who had previously served as Secretary for some 13 years. During 1971 Bro. W. Carrick arranged some 23 Meetings, 18 Regular and 5 Special. Unfortunately, due to a lengthy illness, lasting some 6 months in the middle of the year, he was able to Chair 16 only. Nevertheless 28 New members were added to the Lodge Roll - the Working being carried out by Lodge P.M.s with the aid of Bro. A. Smillie. Lodges 307, 458 and 1557 also assisted when on Deputations headed by Bros. Munro, Holt and Crichton respectively. The Mark Degree was held on September 4th when 18 M.M.s were advanced by P.M. Bro. J. McLachlan. Of this meeting, more anon. Provincial Grand Lodge made their visit of Inspection in March headed by the P.G.M. Bro. R. Denholm. An unqualified Clear Minute was inscribed by them for the Financial and Administrative year of 1970. The financial return under review was in fact for a period of 2 years combined, thus ending officially all the anxiety created over a number of years. The Installation of Bro. R. Denholm as P.G.M. was announced as 17th April in the Prince of Wales Halls, Renfrew. Both the Provincial and Grand Lodges acknowledged our Invitations to them to attend Lodge Centenary Meeting and Dinner on Saturday 16th September 1972. The Centenary Committees reported that the East Kilbride Town Council's Ballerup Hall had been booked to contain all of the Lodges Centenary Meeting and Dinner. Invitations and Prices were agreed and a “Book” to assist Brethren to save for “The Day”' proposed by the Writer, was agreed. This “Book” to be controlled by the Proposer. It was at this time too that Decimal coinage was introduced. The Lodge was pleased to hear, about this time, of a Brother of the Lodge. James Hutchison. Having been made provost of Rutherglen. The Secretary was directed to send the Congratulations of the Lodge to Bro. Hutchison. Small loans to the Building Fund now amounted to £276. Lets and Charges to be made in the New Hall, once ready, were referred to Halls and Finance Committees. (These 2 Committees had been meeting together for some time.) They recommended later that Lodge lets should be Monday to Thursday for Meetings, and Friday/Saturday for Socials. This was agreed. A list of Charges recommended was also agreed. For the purpose of advising companion bodies of these decisions and to discuss mutual concerns, the Halls Finance Committees met with Lodge Douglas, The East Kilbride Royal Arch Chapter No. 781 and the local Branch of the Order of the Eastern Star. All who took part considered it a useful meeting and the Lodge was thanked for its considerate step. Unfortunately only the O.E.S. have, to date, been able to take up lets in the New Hall. The Lodge Extension and Renovation was completed in June - in the event however it took longer. It was agreed that Keys to the Hall would be held by the Treasurer and the Assistant Secretary; Bros. G. Glendinning and T. Greig, P.M.s. Bros. Glendinning would have the sole key to Spirits Cupboard. It was in April that the R.W.M. Bro. W. Carrick first took ill and was prevented, much to his chagrin, from attending Lodge until the September. September 4th 1971 was the “Great Day” in the New Hall. On that date the Lodge was able to resume its Meetings in the Hall - extended, rebuilt and renovated throughout. The Meeting was the Mark

Degree referred to. The R.W.M. was able to attend, but not to undertake the strain of the Chair. A very happy occasion was much enjoyed by all present. The R.W.M. was able to resume his full duties in October. And, typically, as he had retired from his place of work he now volunteered to act as Hallkeepcr. A Divine Service and a Dance took place in the November. At the A.G.M. the Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted. The Brethren of the Lodge Elected Bro. N. Robb as R.W.M. for 1972 - the Centenary year of the Lodge! Bro. Robb was Installed by P.M.s Bros. Jas. Nicol and J. McLatchie. Bro. Robb, in a thoughtful gesture, took Bro. A. Smillie, M.M., as his Depute Master. At the General Committee at the end of the year the Centenary Committee, among others, was reformed. Its Members in 1972 would be the R.W.M., I.P.M., D. MacDonald, Jas. Nicol, Jas. Leggatt, A. Marshall, G. Glendinning, T Greig and I. Parkhill. P.M. Bro. D. MacDonald was again declared Convenor of the Committee. The Committee asked and received from the Lodge “carte-blanche” to organise the Lodge Centenary Celebrations. Thus, with the Lodge back once more at ''Home'' and the Centenary year awaiting, Bro. Carrick, in better health, was relieved of the duties of R.W.M. and thus able to concentrate on the Hall, whilst Bro. N. Robb, R.W.M. assumed these duties and prepared for the momentous days ahead.


1972, the centenary year of the Lodage, had arrived. At the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East was Bro. R. Denholm P.G.M., and at Grand Lodge in Edinburgh reigned Bro. D. Liddell-Grainger,

M.W.G.M., the 12th and 32nd such respectively, during Lodge St. Andrew, No. 524’s Century of Progress. During 1972, up to the Centenary Meeting in September, Bro. N. Robb R.W.M. conducted 15 Lodge Meetings, missing 2 only for Business reasons. In the Calendar year 1972, 25 New Members were added to the Roll together with 1 Affiliate. The last of the Lodges New Members for its first 100 years was Bro. Euan McMurtie and the first for the second Century, Bro. James Crawford. The Lodges Degree working was assisted during 1972 by Lodges 307, 458. 1230 and 1557 whilst on Visitations. Lodge Douglas No. 1557 was headed by Bro. James Nicholson. P.M. Bro. Jas. McLatchie conferred the Mark Degree on 29 Master Masons. The New Hall Financing progressed, with the Final Payment, less “Retention Money” having been made to the Builders. The re-building of Lodge Funds and the Loan Interest Payments would now become a Primary concern of the Lodge. Internal Work on the Lodge Rooms continued, much of it on a Voluntary Basis. Further lets of the New Hall had been arranged; with the Co-operative Women's Guild and with the Proposed New Lodge - Lodge Kilbryd, East Kilbride.

Lodge Kilbryd, Chartered in the August of 1972 - the 100th Anniversary of the Chartering of Lodge St. Andrew No. 524 - was numbered 1667. Correspondence continued regarding let with the East Kilbride Royal Arch Chapter. It was agreed in April of the year to open the Lodge Rooms for Social Evenings on Saturdays in May and June. A Donation was made about this time to the East Kilbride West Kirk for the frequent use of their Committee Rooms made by the Lodge during the rebuilding of the Masonic Hall. It was agreed in January that Lodge Bye-laws required complete revision and this was begun. A Draft of these was submitted to General Committee in February. It would be 1973 before these re- written Bye-laws, further refined, were taken up by P.M. Bro. D. MacDonald, then as Lodge Secretary, and finally passed February 14th, 1973. In February a “long-lost” Brother of the Lodge returned to the fold; re-introduced by P.M. Bro. J. McLatchie he was Bro. George Greig. Bro. George, who was now in his eightieth had been away from East Kilbride for many years in his job with the Police force. He was of course well-known to many of the older members of the Lodge. The Writer well remembers the surprise expressed by Bro. A. Smillie (himself in his 70's) at the return of Bro. Greig. Bro. Millie may have had a sudden twinge of conscience even, for Bro. Greig had chased hip on many occasions when he. Bro. Greig, was a young policeman in East Kilbride. It was in March that year the Founder-members of the proposed New Lodge visited Lodge St. Andrew. Lodge St. Andrew agreed to their request to act as Sponsors:

Subsequently some 10 members of Lodge St. Andrew became Founder-members of Lodge Kilbryd No. 1667 - the name and number of East Kilbride's Third Lodge. Provincial Grand Lodge made their Official Visit in March on the 14th of the month. Headed by Bro. A. Hutchison P.G.D.M. they entered a “Clear Minute” for the Working of the Lodge in Bro. W. Carrick's “year”. It was a stunned and saddened Lodge which heard 2 weeks later of the sudden death of the manful Bro. W. Carrick, I.P.M. In his Mother Lodge, Partick St. Mary's No. 117, of which Bro. Carrick was very proud, he had reached the Office of Senior Warden, only to be obliged to retire due to illness. He had now attained his goal as R.W. M. of Lodge St. Andrew No. 524 and, having had the seal set upon it by a “Clear Minute” was suddenly “Called away”. Many letters of sympathy were Received by Lodge Secretary from Individuals, Lodges, The Local Branches also of the L.O.L. and the O.E.S. In May Bro. Wm. Sutherland, husband to Margaret, Bro. Carrick’s only child, presented to the Lodge an Inscribed Mallet to the Memory of P.M. Bro. W. Carrick. During 1972 there were also many other Obituaries reported of Lodge Members; Bros. M. Ballantyne, R. Turnbull, Archibald Marshall, T. Elliott, R. McGraw, D. Gordon and, as the result of a road accident, the young Bro. T. Bain. And, at the height of it all, February to March, two active P.M.s, members of both Bye-laws and Centenary Committees were detained in Hospital with Heart Attacks. These were P.M as Bros. James Nicol and Bro. D. MacDonald. Luckily absences were kept down to 6 weeks approximately, ending on March 13th.

The Centenary Celebrations Arrangements proceeded apace. The R.W.M. and P.M. Bro. D. MacDonald, detailed by the Committee, met Mr. G. McNay the E.K. Town Clerk. Al1 arrangements for the Lodges Centenary Meeting, the Grand Masters Reception and the Dinner within the Civic Centre were finalised. Mr. McNay confirmed that a Civic Reception would be given to the Grand Master, the Provincial Grand Master and to Officers of the Lodge. The Lodge, in turn, invited the Provost with 4 members of his Council to attend the Lodges Celebrations as was practicable. The Provost, in the event, was represented by Bailie T. Powell. The Lodge's list of invitations to the Centenary, in addition to the Council Members stated, was: to Grand Lodge for all members of the Deputation; to the P.G.M. and 7 members of Provincial Grand Lodge; to all R.W.M.s in the Province of Renfrewshire East; to representatives of the Hairmyres Curling Club and the East Kilbride Bowling Club both of whom had sent Invitations to the Lodge to send a member to their Centenaries, taking place in 1972. The Programme for the Day had been long agreed. A Schedule of Timings from 9.30 am to Midnight was issued to all persons remotely concerned.

Catering for the Dinner was in the capable hands of the Stuart Hotel's new Manager Mr. McAngus. Many Photographs for the Centenary year had been taken at the Mark Degree Meeting in May and were ready for Display at the Centenary Meeting. New Regalia for all Office-Bearers had been procured. Original Estimates of some £800 proved finally to be incorrect and the Writer secured a quote of £445.

All Brothers were asked, at the Final Briefing, to assist on the Vital Day. Saturday 16th September 1972 was eagerly awaited by many Brothers.

The Day dawned, and remained, bright dry and mild. Planned in 5 parts: New Masonic Hall Inspection by the G.M., Civic Reception to Lodge Office Bearers and the G.M., The Centenary Meeting, The G.M.s informal “Get together” and the Centenary Dinner and Harmony, the day called for an early start for many Lodge members. At 11.30 a.m. the New Hall was Inspected by the P.G.M. and the G.M. with some members of their eventual Deputation. At 12.15 p.m. the Lodge Office Bearers with the P.G.M. Bro. R. Denholm and the M.W.G.M. Bro. D.L. Granger and their Deputations - some 44 in all – were received by the Provost of East Kilbride Mr. I. Smith and the Town Council. This took place in the Council Chambers of the Town Council in the Civic Centre. Following the Reception a cheerful lunch was enjoyed by all until 2.00 p.m. The R.W.M. Bro. N. Robb presented the Town of East Kilbride with a Rustic seat to commemorate the Centenary of the Lodge. At 2.15 p.m. all Office Bearers of the Lodge, and many Brothers actively engaged, met in the Foyer of the Ballerup Hall. The Centenary Meeting began promptly. After a deputation of R.W.M.s had been admitted, a ''deputation'' of P.M.s of Lodge St. Andrew No. 524 was received. This deputation, some twenty strings was headed by P.M. Bro. John Shedden. Provincial and Grand Lodge Deputations were then received by the R.W.M. Bro. N. Robb.

The Grand Master, Bro. David Liddell-Granger, having been presented with the Gavel, proceeded, with his Office- bearers, to re-dedicate Lodge St. Andrew No. 524. This was done in an impressive, swift and friendly manner which did much to increase the regard of the Brethren present for Grand Lodge and its Office Bearers. Many of the Brethren present were, for the first time, meeting Grand Lodge and its Office Bearers and seeing them in action. At the end of the Ceremony the R.W.M. Bro. N. Robb thanked the Grand Master and his Office Bearers for their inspiring work. He also presented, to both the Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Master, cheques for £100 each toward their respective Benevolent Funds. Each also received a Centenary Jewel. After Provincial and Grand Lodge had retired, Bro. J .Thomson R.W. M. Lodge Douglas No. 1557, presented to Lodge St. Andrew a pair of handsome and well-worked Door-Knockers for the Lodge room. This thoughtful gift was well received.

Bro. Thomson was supported by a very respectable Deputation from his Lodge. The Lodge having been closed a group photograph was taken, at 5 p.m., of the Office Bearers from Grand Lodge,

Provincial Grand Lodge and Lodge St. Andrew. Following this, and until 6.30 p.m., an informal gathering took place on the top floor of the Civic Centre at which the Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Master, with their officers, met the Brethren present. A photographic display of old and not so old photos of the Lodge, it's members and of old East Kilbride was mounted. This display and the Informal gathering were much appreciated. At this time too, signatures of the Office Bearers of the Lodge, and those of Provincial and Grand Lodge Officers, were made on the all-white apprentice Apron prepared by Bros. D. Tudor and P.M. Bro. J. McLatchie. This apron, later mounted in a frame, is displayed for posterity in the Lodge room. The frame is vacuum drawn and should thus last for many years. One would trust that it will be carefully handled by all. The Centenary Dinner took place in the Ballerup Hall at 7.00 p.m. A magnificent meal was provided by the Caterers - The Stuart Hotel. This meal was in reality the “piece-de-resistance“. Harmony was provided by the very popular Police Concert Party under Bro. Pat Robertson. As it had been arranged for no Brother of Lodge St. Andrew to be working, once the Dinner had begun, it must be added here that all Bar and Refreshment labour was provided, throughout the day, by our colleagues from Lodge Abercrombie, No. 1430. This was on a reciprocal basis. The Brethren of Lodge Abercrombie lent great dignity to the day and helped to cause it all to go so smoothly. Not least, by any means, did the magnificent, bright and modern premises in which all took place create an atmosphere for the day - never to be forgotten. The D.O.C. of Grand Lodge Bro. H. V. Delorey, no stranger to imposing premises, was good enough to say that the Civic Centre was a perfect setting for the Centenary. Lodge St. Andrew were very grateful to the E.K.T.C. for the generous treatment they received during the Day. Bro. E. Stuart- Falconer, Grand Secretary, also stated that the Days arrangements and everything which had taken place was as good as any such he had experienced around the World. The Grand Master too, in a personal letter to the R.W.M. Bro. N. Robb declared he had “much enjoyed” the Day.

This ended the Celebration of the Lodges Centenary. Many Congratulations had been received. Equally many were received, after the event, for the considerable success of the Day. This was due to the generous effort and concern of many persons - not all members of the Craft, far less the Lodge. Within the Lodge credit was given to the Centenary Committee whose sustained work, over some 2 years, was so well rewarded. The Centenary Ball took place in the Ballerup Hall on 7th October and a great success this proved to be. Some 200 were present. The Guests were Bros. J. Thomson R.W.M. 1557, A. Crichton P.M. 1557 and A. Brown Founder-R.W.M. Lodge Kilbryd No. 1667. On the 29th November the Lodge entertained 100 Senior Citizens of the Town. Many old friendships were renewed amongst the guests. The Divine Service of 1972 was held at the Old Parish Church and, for the first time, was a 3 sided combined Service, Lodges No. 524, 1557, 1667 acting together. Lodges Douglas, at this time, were Hosts. Lodge Kilbryd No. 1667 had been erected and consecrated by the P.G.M. Bro. R. Denholm in an impressive ceremony at the Ballerup Hall on the 5th October 1972. At their first Open Meeting, on 19th October, in the M.H. Kittoch St., the R. W. M. of Lodge St. Andrew Bro. N. Robb and 4 other Members of the Lodge received Honorary Membership. Lodge St. Andrew paid their first visit to the new Lodge when a Deputation was formed and visited the New Lodge on the 7th December 1972. An interesting visit was made on 8/9th December by the R.W. M. Bro. N. Robb accompanied by Bros. J. Cantley (Snr), W. Boyd and the P.M. Bro. D. MacDonald. This was to Lodge Leucophibia No. 602 where a Bro. of Lodge St. Andrew No. 524 had been elected as R.W.M. for 1973.

He was Bro. Victor Cameron who had been proposed as a Candidate by the R.W.M. Despite fog delays the Deputation reached Whithorn, where the Lodge room is situated, just on time. The Visitation was agreed by all to have been most profitable. The Centenary year of the Lodge was almost over. Brother Gavin Gordon was elected by the Brethren of the Lodge as R.W.M. for 1973. The Lodge Treasurer was again Bro. G. Glendinning P.M. Lodge Secretary, Bro. John Parkhill P. M. retiring after many years of service, was succeeded by Bro. D. MacDonald P.M. with some trepidation. To Bro. Gavin Gordon thus fell the Honour and the onerous duty of taking the Lodge on and into its Second Century.

This concludes the first one hundred years of Lodge St. Andrew 524

During Bro. Norman Robb’s year as Centenary Master it was noted that the East Kilbride and Hairmyres Curling Club and the East Kilbride Bowling Club had also celebrated their Centenaries and a Lodge representative had been invited to their celebrations. Worthy of note was that Bro. Douglas Tudor and Bro. James McLatchie P.M. presented the Lodge with a lambskin apron which was duly signed by the Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Bro. Liddell-Grainger, the Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Ralph Denholm and their deputations along with Bro. Norman Robb, R.W.M. and his office bearers Lodge St.Andrew had the pleasure of being a sponsor to a new Lodge in East Kilbride, which came into being in 1972, Lodge Kil Bryd, No. 1667, meeting for many years in the Lodge premises in Kittoch Street.

The year ended with Bro. Gavin Gordon taking the Lodge into the next one hundred years.


In 1973 the lodge received its first official visit from the new Lodge, Kil Byrd, No. 1667. Bro. Gordon, as Master, reported on a meeting with the two other East Kilbride lodges, Douglas, No. 1557 and Kil Bryd, No. 1667 with the intention of holding a Grand Masonic Ball in aid of local charities. The ball, attended by the Grand Master and his wife, was duly held, raised £500 and enabled the three East Kilbride lodges to purchase five geriatric chairs for the local hospital, Hairmyres. The Lodge had a visit from Lodge Roslyn St. Clair, No. 606. Brethren attended a meeting, the ladies having a guided tour of East Kilbride and surroundings and meeting with the brethren and ladies of ‘524’ for a social evening. In Bro. Gordon’s year the Lodge received 26 Initiates, 2 Affiliates and 21 brethren advanced to the Mark Degree. At the end of the year it was Bro. Joseph M. Nicol’s responsibility to take the Lodge into 1974.


In Brother Nicol’s year it was agreed that owing to the Masonic hall being used outwith Masonic meetings that the hall was to be refloored and cleaned. Volunteers led by Bro. G. Wallace D.O.C., members of ‘524’, brethern from our sister Lodge, Kil Byrd, responded. Rating revaluation of the hall was disputed and adjusted from £880 to £194.

Bro. Drew Marshall requested the hall to be opened on Friday and Saturday evening during recess to maintain a social contact with the brethren. This proved to be a most successful venture.

The annual ball was held within our own hall that year. Numbers attending the regular meetings were increasing and there was a complaint - a good complaint - there were not enough working aprons!

The Lodge was presented with a Masonic pottery mell and water jug. In the sporting field Bro. John Marshall won the bronze medal for bowling in the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand.

Before the year ended Lodge St.Andrew was again sponsor for a new Lodge in East Kilbride, Lodge McLaren, No. 1688. In Bro. Nicol’s year the Lodge received 28 Initiates, 4 Affiliates and 20 brethren advanced to the Mark Degree. A good number of brethren attended the installation of Bro. R. Wolrige. Gordon as Grand Master Mason of Scotland.

Another good year for the Lodge although it had not started well because Bro. Nicol had to inform the brethren that a brother had lost two sons in a fire which had also destroyed the house.

Bro. Frank D. Orr was installed as Master of the Lodge for 1975.


During Bro. Orr’s year the Mod came to East Kilbride and an invitation was extended to visiting Brethren to be present at Lodge meetings. On the first official visit to Lodge McLaren, No. 1688 the lodge presented a masonic bible. Another successful outing was to Lodge Roslyn St. Clair, No. 606 to confer the F.C. degree and a visit to a building much in the news today, Roslin Chapel.

A talk on freemasonary in Australia was given by Bro. Alex Anderson, P.M. after visiting lodges down under. Bro. Gavin Gordon, P.M. was encouraging office bearers and brethern to attend the instruction class in order to preserve lodge practice and decorum.

Honorary membership was conferred on two brethern - Bro. Archie McD. Hutcheson, P.G.D.M of the province and Bro. Tom Robertson, M.M. of Lodge Rutherglen Royal Arch No.116. A sad loss to the lodge was the death of Bro. Alex Smillie, a great source of knowledge and encouragement to the younger brethren and degree workers.

In Bro. Orr's year the Lodge received 24 Initiates, 3 Affiliates joined the lodge and 21 brethren advanced to the Mark Degree. Bro. James M. Cantley was installed as Master in December 1975.


Bro. Cantley, an affiliate from St. Marks's Lodge at Glasgow, No.102, took the lodge into 1976. In his year the social club expanded and consideration was given to erecting an extension to the rear of the present hall but the cost was considered too high. One of the highlights of his year was an F.C. degree carried out by senior citizens of the lodge, headed by Bro. John Shedden, P.M.

Over the years the Lodge had participated in various sporting competitions and Bro. Robert Orr, P.M. and Bro. Joe Duffy won P.G.L's Samuel Love bowling trophy. In Bro. Cantley's year the Lodge received 22 Initiates, 4 Affiliates joined the lodge and 20 brethren advanced to the Mark Degree. At the end of the year Bro. Rene Aitkenhead became Master of the Lodge.


Bro. Aitkenhead had the pleasure of the company of his brother, Bro. Robert Aitkenhead, M.M. of 524 and a P.M. of Lodge Lord Kitchener, No. 3402 (E.C.) at his installation in December 1976. As the attendence at Lodge meetings was still rising it was agreed to install extra stewards and Bro. John Barron made six jewels for the Assistant Stewards. Three members of Lodge Kil Bryd, No. 1667 were made honorary members of the lodge, Bros. R. Feelie, J .E Goldie and T McEwan. Two well-travelled masons, Bro. N. Robb, P.M. and Bro. J. Dow came to instruction class and gave interesting talks on visiting lodges in Singapore, New Zealand and Iceland. In Bro. Aitkenhead's year the Lodge received 23 Initiates, 7 Affiliates joined the lodge and 22 brethren advanced to the Mark Degree.

In December 1977, Bro. Charles W. McCall was installed Master of the Lodge.


Bro. McCall, an affiliate from Lodge Springburn, No. 1198, occupied the chair of the lodge fot the year 1978. A successful visitation to Lodge Springburn took place and in turn Lodge Springburn visited '524' with a large deputation. Numbers of brethern at lodge meetings had been slowly rising now broke the 100 mark for average attendance at regular meetings. This was to continue into the next Master's year. The lodge received permission to attend the Masonic Walk in Forth, Lanarkshire and wear regalia. Bro. Andrew L. Tannahill, P.G.M. when visiting commented on the vigour of the lodge in connection with it's masonic and non-masonic charities. In Bro. McCall's year the Lodge received 23 Initiates, 5 Affiliates joined the lodge and 23 brethren advanced to the Mark Degree.

In December 1977, Bro. James McG. Anderson was installed as Master.


Bro. Anderson, an employee of Rolls-Royce, had the pleasure of receiving a deputation of the Rolls-Royce travelling masons, headed by the Master of Lodge Douglas, No. 1557, Bro. R. Henderson.

The deputation consisted of twenty-seven lodges from five provinces. Bro. Anderson had the added pleasure of having his father, Bro. Alex Anderson as his Depute Master. Sadly, the lodge had lost its

Junior Warden, Bro. George Wallace, who died midway through the year. Bro. Jonathan MacLaughlan, P.M. a well-known figure in the lodge also passed away and the lodge received his Past Master's jewel.

The lodge suffered a great deal through the demise of many brethren but fortunately the lodge had an excellent Almoner in the person of Bro. William J. Wilson. The social club continued to flourish and the lodge remained active and healthy with 24 new members, 4 affiliates and 21 brethren received their Mark. At the close of 1979, Bro. Walter Gilmour was installed to take us into 1980.


For many years the lodge had the use of the West Kirk church hall for its Installation. Breaking with past practice the installation was held in the Ballerup Hall, Civic Centre, East Kilbride.

During Bro. Gilmour's year he had the pleasure of the company of his father, Bro. Walter Gilmour as his Depute Master. A donation of £350 from the ladies Committee was received and it was proposed to purchase an organ to enhance the ceremonial work. Social Club was well established bringing fellowship to brethren outwith the normal masonic meetings. Initation fees had increased but the lodge added 23 new members, 3 affiliates and 14 brethren took their Mark degree. Bro. Archibald Lawson was installed as Master in December 1980.


Bro. Lawson, an affiliate from Lodge Kelvin Patrick, No. 1207, took up the reins as Master and during the year the lodge sponsored Bro. D. Campbell, an affiliate to the lodge, to attend the Year of the disabled conferrence in Florida, U.S.A. Permission was received to wear regalia for the Grand March only at the Annual Ball. Bro. John Shedden, P.M. received his 50-year Diploma as a member of the craft.

Bro. Gavin Gordon P.M. and Bro. Charles McCall P.M. had the pleasure of installing the Master and the office bearers of Lodge St, Regulus, No.77 in Cupar, Fife. The lodge was represented when the foundation stone of the new hall for Lodge Livingstone, No. 599, was laid in nearby Blantyre. During Bro. Lawson's year 21 initates, 3 affiliates were added to the roll and 18 took their Mark.

Bro. John D Millar was installed as Master for the year 1982.


In Bro. Millar's year the number of would-be initates began to slow down. This was a sign of the time which continued to this day. On a happier note the P.G.M. of the province, Bro. Alex. G. Hutton presented Bro. Alex. Anderson, P.M. with his Jubilee Diploma as a member of the craft for fifty years. Two Hundred mark tokens were purchased. Bro. Joe Prowse initiated into this lodge became W.M. some years later in an English lodge. The lodge received a gift of three collecting bowls in which all four East Kilbride lodges were involved. Enquires were being made in the West of Scotland by P.G.L. for premises suitable for a masonic retirement home. The Scottish craft and many outside the craft lost a well-respected brother on the untimely death of Bro. J. Stewart Lochrie, Depute Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Scotland. The lodge initiated 12 gentleman, affiliated 7 brethren and advanced 19. At the close of the year Bro. Robert Brisbane became Master for 1983.


Another employee of Rolls-Royce Bro. Brisbane, had the pleasure of receiving a deputation of the Rolls-Royce travelling masons, headed by a past Master of Lodge Clydesdale, No. 551.

Another colourful deputation received was from Britannia Lodge, No. 18, Grand Lodge of Alberta, Canada, who performed a dramatised version of the Master Mason Degree. It was during this year that the lodge tragically lost its Treasurer, Bro. George Glendinning, P.M., treasurer for twelve years. The lodge continued to be very busy masonically and socially adding 13 initiates, 2 affiliates and 10 brethren advance to the rank of Mark Master Mason. Bro. William Bell was installed for the coming year.


At the start of Bro. Bell's year it was agreed that the collection uplifted at the installation for Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund would be sent, unaltered as a true reflection of the sum raised.

During the year a circular tray was presented to the lodge from two Canadian brethren and their wives for 'memorable hospitality received'. Bro. Bell had the added pleasure of seeing his two sons initiated.

It was another sad loss to the lodge when Bro. G. Greig, the lodges oldest member passed away in his 97th year, also Bro. Joe Duffy, a real character and former office-bearer. Bro. Bell, on behalf of the lodge presented Lodge Douglas, No. 1557 with a suitably inscribed decanter on the occassion of their twenty-fifth year. Fifteen initiates and 3 affiliates joined the lodge and 12 brethren were advanced.