Lodge St. Andrew No 524


1898 - 1910


Brother J. Johnstone occupied the chair for 2 years 1898 and 1899 at the close of the 19th Century. With the assistance of Bros. R. Mackie and J. MacKay the affairs of the lodge continued to progress and became more varied. Bro. Johnstone chaired 21 of the 26 meetings held in the period and 12 degrees conferred led to 6 new members being admitted with 8 honorary members in addition.

The Mark degrees, held in May and September of 1898 by Bro. Speirs P.M./Lodge No. 553. 13 brothers received their Marks, including the R.W.M. The divine service in 1898 was held in June with the Rev A. Robertson of Hamilton preaching but no other details are given. Requests were received for contributions to a testimonial for a relative of Robert Burns - one Bro. J. G. Thomson - and a bazaar being held by Lodge Cannongate No. 2. These were ‘laid aside’. The lodge did contribute 10/- to the appeal by Lodge Doric No. 68 for building assistance and also 2/- to a travelling brother. Provincial Grand Lodge made their annual visit in March and declared a ‘clear’ minute. They added their congratulations to the office bearers for excellent attendance. Lodge finances equalled £30.8.5 with £17.7.5 of this being for benevolence. This was signed by the P.G.D.M. Bro. F. Allan and 2 others. An interesting proposal was agreed by the lodge in September. It was to have a subscription box on the table at every meeting to gather funds “… to assist brothers of the lodge whose circumstances prevented them going with lodge deputations…” Although we have read little of deputations being undertaken by the lodge we see here a determination to attend them and to make sure that as many as possible participated. A recess was declared in this year and the lodge enjoyed a 2 month holiday from it’s affairs. In October it was evident that lodge meeting place was beginning to again cause concern. Brethren detailed to view the Lesser Public Hall for a meeting place reported that it was not suitable. Than that, we have no further information. Brother J. Johnstone having been re-elected as R.W.M. was installed by Bro. W. Thorburn PM/557 in December. Grand Lodges Appeal for benevolence was accompanied by a directive that a collection be uptaken. This was done at the Installation meeting and resulted in £1.9.0 being subscribed. A further appeal from the Grand Master for “Lord Kitchener’s Fund for the Peoples of the Sudan”, caused Bro. Secretary to open a subscription list. The lodges financial report was made and being found satisfactory, accepted.


1899 began on a cheerful note with an invitation from Lodge Dramatic No. 571 to attend a Grand Masonic Festival in the Empire Theatre, Glasgow on 2nd Feb. This was soon followed by other very interesting invitations: to a Masonic musical service; to the 300th anniversary of Lodge St. Marys Chapel No. 1 and to a lecture on Scottish Freemasonry by Bro. D. Murray-Lyon, Grand Secretary.

More ‘down to earth’ invites received were to Mark Ceremonials at Lodges 347 and 557 and the divine service of Cambuslang No. 114. The lodge granted £2 to a Bro. A. Watt as relief and applauded a letter from Grand Lodge to say that Mrs. Robina McIntosh had been granted, by them, a annuity of £10 per annum. A letter from Lodge St.John’s No. 32 Selkirk calling for assistance to reduce the debt on their hall was recorded without comment. A Bro. W. Smith receives thanks from the R.W.M. for his work in adapting a press to hold regalia, as does Bro. J. McKay P.M., for his gift of a box of working tools. Here we see Bro. Mackay suiting his action to earlier words. In April a Bro. Scott headed a deputation of 5 from Provincial Grand Lodge. A ‘clear’ minute is followed by lodge finances: £42.4.5 with £21.14.0 in the benevolent fund. An interesting note in finances appears in November when, “Standing orders having been suspended”, a number of brothers from the Newton area, anxious to rejoin the lodge, were allowed to do so on payment of current test fee: 2/6d. And, in December, we see the Secretary directed “…to take 5/- from any brother who went into arrears…” The Installation in December 1899 was preceded by a recommendation meeting in September, the first so recorded, and, as always, by Nomination and Election meetings, Brother G. Buchanan, elected R.W.M., was installed by Brother J. McKay P.M./524 in December. Somewhat fitting that it should be so, for a full lodge team to close the 19th Century, and set Bro. G. Buchanan in the chair of the lodge to take them into the 20th century.


The minutes of the lodge take us into the 20th century without comment. However, at Grand Lodge we find the Hon. James Hozier at the helm whilst at Provincial Grand Lodge Bro. Col. A. Campbell continued to preside. Our lodge Secretary was Bro. R. Mackie P.M., but it is in may of this year we hear of a worthy and heroic brother of the lodge, as yet quite unsung. This was Bro. Rob. Pollock, who, for 23 years, had been lodge Treasurer . We are not told that the presentations made to him in May were for his retiral but are left to assume so. It was a special meeting and Bro. J. King, P.M. presented Bro. Rob. Pollock with a timepiece, side ornaments, a meerschaum pipe and tobacco pouch. The lodge must have thought highly of Bro. Pollock! Lodge meetings in Bro. Buchannan’s years were again held regularly. He chaired 34 out of 39 meetings held in the 2 years of his term in office assisted by Bros. McKay and McKie. Brothers McKay and McKie took charge of the many degrees conferred - some 30 in all - and initiated thereby some 18 and 12 brothers in the respective years 1900 and 1901. There were also 6 Honorary members. The Mark degree of 1900 was conferred by Bro. Burt of Lodge No. 553 when 16 brothers were advanced. That of 1901 was by a Bro. J. Harper of Lodge No. 347, but we are not given the numbers that were advanced. Lodge benevolence in 1900 was given to widows, Mrs, Janet Nimmo and Mrs. McGraw in the sums of £2 each. Mrs McGraw later received a grant, from Grand Lodge, of £8. Building and Loan assistance from Rothesay and Dalzell were ‘laid aside’, but that from Lodge Bellshill received a sum of 10/-. Invitations were received to divine services at Lodges 215, 512 and 581. Also to the Mark degree at Lodge 556 and to both a concert and a Installation to Lodge St. John, Busby. The Rev. Rollo conducted the divine service for the lodge in July. £3.13.8 was collected. After expenses £2.15.0 was sent to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The death of Bro. McElroy is minuted - the beginning of a practice by lodge Secretaries never to be omitted. On a severely practical note we find it agreed that the lodge should purchase 12 aprons at 3/6d each. Provincial Grand Lodge visited in April and provided a ‘clear’ minute. They advised that lodge minutes should be written up-to-date in a fixed leaf book and the practice of scroll or loose-leaf system be abandoned. Finances of the lodge read credit £36.8.9 of which £20.10.6 was benevolent fund. This minute was signed by Bro. Glen S.P.G.M and 6 of his colleagues. A rather amazing letter was received on November 16th by the lodge. It was from the Grand Master Bro. Hon. James Hozier. In it he requested a deputation to attend his banquet on November 30th, and enclosed £5 for expenses! Although November 16th was a regular meeting of the lodge the letter was ‘laid aside’ until a special meeting on the 23rd November. It was then moved that the money be returned as the lodge had it’s own festival on that date. This was countered by a proposal, if 5 Bros. Could be found to go to Edinburgh the money should be used. The amendment was carried by 16 votes to 3. The sequel to this came on Jan. 10th 1901 when the balance of the £5, 6 shillings was placed in the lodge charity box. The R.W.M., Bro. G. Buchanan having been re-elected R.W.M. for 1901, he was installed by Bro. J. McKay P.M. 524 and a Bro. A. McCulloch.

The R.W.M. was supported by Bros. R. Clark R.W.M 458 and W. Thornburn P.M. 557.


Lodge Minutes for 1901 began on a very sombre note as, at a Special Meeting held Feb 9th, a very fulsome minute was recorded on the Death of Queen Victoria. This half page minute recorded “Deep and heartfelt grief” at her death and expressed “profound and respectful sympathy” to the King and The Royal Consort. They added their loyalty and devotion to King Edward and “called on the M.H. to guide him alright.” Grand Lodge commanded 3 months mourning. This had the effect of a year in which there few comings and goings by way of intervisitation. At the PGL visitation Bro. Secretary records “no harmony”. This visit was made by Bro. Glen P.G.S.M. and 7 others. A “clear minute” referred to lodge finances as credit balance £52.15.0 with £19.3.8 in benevolence funds. The lodge called for estimates to a lodge “Floor-cloth” and an appeal by Lodge St. Kilda 881 for building funds was “laid aside”. In May a recess was proposed with no meetings in June or July. An amendment was made for closing in July only, but was defeated. Despite this 3 meetings were held - 2 special and 1 regular at which minutes were read and passed. All 3 degrees were also carried out. One wonders at this inconsistency, to say the least! The loose manner in which Mark degrees had to date been conferred was here set to rights when G.L. passed a new law to say, “that the R.W.M. had the right to refuse the Degree to anyone known to him.” Brethren were advised to have letter from lodge secretary if they intended asking for their Mark away from their mother lodge. At the nomination, both Bros. G. Buchanan and P. Chalmers were nominated. The election however favoured P. Chalmers and so he was installed by, Bro. J. McKay P.M. in December. The G.L. benevolent collection realised 16/-. An invite was again received to the annual banquet at G.L. from the Grand Master Bro. Hon. James Hozier. - no indication this year of any £5 for expenses! The lodges financial statement, traditionally given at this meeting, was reported and accepted.


Brother Peter Chalmers, R.W.M was yet another master who spent a number of years in the chair with both distinction and great application. As we shall see he was the master of the lodge for 3 years 1902, 1903 and 1904. This was a period of great variety and, towards the end, much preparation for the future. Brother Chalmers missed only 4 of the 54 meetings in this time and had the pleasure of initiating 24 Candidates through the 3 years; 13 10 and l respectively. There were 3 affiliates and 7 Honorary Members, the latter being an en bloc entry of the Provincial Grand Lodge members visiting the Lodge in 1904. Degree work through the years was carried out by Bros. P.M/ McKie and J. McKay of 524 and by Bros. Dempster, P.M. 347, Donald. P.M. 153 and Scott. Secretary 354. The Mark Degree of 1902 was by Bro. J. Harper P.M. 347 when 9 Brothers were advanced. In 1903 were no less than 3 Mark Degrees (Apri1, October and December) These were conferred by Bros. Milne P.M. l 53 and Scott P.M. 512 on 25 Brothers. In 1904, at the other extreme, we have no Mark Degree recorded. Brethren joining the Lodge at this time included such well known persons as Bros. G. Warnock. Auchencloss, H. Barr, John Marshall, R. Altkenhead and J. Y. Marshall. In 1902 Benevolent Grants were well evidenced. A Bro received payments of £5 and £8 from Provincial Grand Lodge respectively. Provincial Grand Lodge also gave £4 to the widow of Lodge Tyler whom the Lodge itself had supported with a payment of £3. The obituaries were also recorded of Bros. J. Dunlop and J. Hannah. The purchase of a Trunk for Lodge Books was agreed as was the proposal that, if voluntary subscriptions to the P.M.s Jewel fund fell short, then the Lodge would make up difference. An amendment to Lodge Byelaw No. l, part 2, regarding meetings and the time was agreed after 3 readings A brief entry in August records that Provincial Grand Lodge did NOT pass this amendment. Provincial Grand Lodge made their Annual visit in April that year headed by Bro, Glen, P.G.D.M. A Clear Minute is entered in 'copper-plate' writing with Lodge Finances stated at £66.l.10 credit, of which £23.5.4 was Benevolent Fund. The Lodge was again remanded to hold the election in the M.M. degree. Early in 1902 the Lodge set in motion a scheme which was to take some 7 or 8 years to complete. The first proposal came from Bros. R. Mackie P.M. Secretary and J Currie (Jun) calling on the Lodge to "..consider raising Funds to Build a Masonic Hall . .". This was agreed. In March the Lodge Secretary submitted a scheme for this propose which had been "Drafted and agreed by Master's Court." This was accepted. Among the provisions of the scheme were: I .That a working Committee of 7 with the R.W.M. in the Chair, be formed. 2. That a series of lectures and concerts be held to assist raising funds, and 3. That a sum of £2 be voted from Lodge funds to began the building fund.

A proposal that Bros. be asked to take out shares in the building of the Hall was defeated. At the Installation in December Bro. Peter Chalmers, was re-installed R.W.M. by Bro. Clark P.M. 458. Bro. G. Buchanan P.M. received his P.M.s jewel and Grand Lodge Benevolent Collection raised 18/6d. The resignation was also announced of Bro. Sir A. Campbell, 1st Lord Blythswood, after some 36 rears as the P.G.M. of Renfrewshire East. The Sole Nominee as his successor, agreed by lodge St. Andrew, was Bro. Major F. W. Allan. So ended Bro. Chalmers first year as Master - one of great interest. The Lodge was 30 years old.


In 1903 we find, from April onwards, that time lodge bas begun to meet in the Hall of the Torrance Hotel. It is hoped that this, the lodge’s third known place of Meeting, was suitable to all. A Divine Service was held during the year but the only indication of it is in the recording of a letter of thanks from the Samaritan Hospital for £4 received from the Lodge. “Casual Relief” is also recorded in the sums of 2/6 each to each of 2 Brothers, “on the way”. The Lodge agreed also to the suggestion, by P.G.L., that each Lodge contribute £5 toward a testimonial for the Past P.G.M. , Bro. Sir A. Campbell Prov. G. Lodge visitation in March was of 9 Brethren headed by the P.G.M. Bro. F.W. Allan. The Clear Minute provided quoted Lodge Finances as £52. 14.0 Credit, with £18.17.6 of this in the Benevolent Fund.

In November we have the first record of Lodge Life Members; Bros. G. Warnock and J. Ferguson who paid the L/M Fee of £1.1.0 each. A very sad entry appears in April, when the death of Bro. J. King. P.M. is recorded and yet another appears in November when we read that Bro. R. Pollock. Lodge Treasurer for 26 years had also died. We may imagine the sorrow with which our Brethren mourned the loss of 2 such pillars of the Lodge. An Instruction Class, which had been for long discussed, took place on September 4th when the Opening, Passing, Raising and Closing of the Lodge was practiced. Applications for Membership received about this time included those of Wm. Dickie and Isaac Currie. At the end of the year Bro. Chalmers was Installed for his third year in Office by Bro. J. Donald P.M. 153. The G/ Lodge Benevolent Collection equalled £l.l.8. A G/Lodge report, from a Special Committee considering New Licensing Laws, was minuted as received but no other details are given. The Secretaries Honoraria was increased to £3.3.0 and Bro. J. Johnstone P.M. received his P.M.s jewel. A somewhat jarring note is struck in a minute, directed by G/Lodge by a way of warning, to the effect that Brethren of an Ayrshire Lodge had been suspended for l 2 months for impersonating the Wardens of their Lodge at a Grand Lodge Quarterly Meeting. Thankfully, we do not see many of these.


1904's minutes begin with evidence of Grand Lodge's great concern regarding their own Benevolent Funds and Finances of Daughter Lodges which, of course, directly affect their own. Firstly, Grand Lodge is obliged to declare that no Funds are available from them for benevolence until July 1904. Secondly, it is enacted by them that the minimum Entrance Fee is increased to £3.3.0 all of which must be paid at the Initiation of a candidate. They add that the maximum number to be entered on one evening is to be 7, with the Mark excepted. Many invitations to Divine Services are received and to the Mark Degree and Presentation at Lodge St. John Busby. The P.G.M. too invites Brethren to the Foundation Stone Laying at Inchinnan Parish Church, with Lunch to follow. An appeal for Building Fund Assistance by “Heart of Midlothian” is “laid over” whilst a “destitute Brother on travel” is granted 2/6d. The rent of the Torrance Hotel Hall is agreed for 1905 at £2.10 for the year, plus 2/- for each Special Meeting. (When did that “Inflationary spiral” begin?) Prov. G/Lodge Annual Visit took place in March when the Clear Minute gave lodge Funds as £143.ll.6 in credit of which £79.19.4 was Benevolent Fund. P.G.L declared themselves pleased at the Bazaar being arranged and with the attendances at P.G.L./Q.C. of the R.W.M. and the J / Warden. As no special licencehad been procured for this meeting harmony, it ended at 10p.m.!!! Preparations for the Lodge Bazaar to take place in the Summer began in earnest in January that year with Organising Committees being formed. The Executive Committee were wisely given a free hand. At this point we are very grateful, in the writing of the History, to have available one of the very few copies of the 1904 Bazaar Programme. It is the form of an 8” x 5” Booklet, well prepared on good quality paper and a worthy souvenir of the occasion. The Bazaar was held in the Public Hall on the 15th and 16th of July 1904 and it's object, as indicated by the Committee, was to raise £400 to enable the Lodge to build a Masonic Hall. The Patrons of time Bazaar, with their ladies, make an imposing list: The Hon. C. M. Ramsey. M.W.G.M. , Major F. W. Allan. P.G.M. , Lord Blythswood, Hon. James Hosier M.P., Sir John S. Maxwell M.P., Dr. O. Fergus, Colonel R. E. Harington-Stuart, Rev. W. Jack, W. Strang Esq., M. Forsyth Esq., and J. Wright Esq. There follows a brief, but valuable, historical sketch of East Kilbride‘s lodges by Bro. R. Mackie. P.M. / Secy. This Sketch is well worth a close study by all who are in the least way interested in East Kilbride and who may be able to have access to a copy. The opening of the Bazaar 13 on the first Day was by Bro. Major F. W. Allan P.G.M. and on the Second by Bro. Geo. Glen P.G.D.M. .The Public Hall was transformed for the occasion, into an Eastern Bazaar with, as a centre piece, “a handsome stage setting of a panoramic view of a Japanese City in perspective”. The names of the stall-holders cannot fail to stir strong memories in the hearts of many of East Kilbrides “locals”: Mrs. J. Johnstone, Mrs. Geo. Warnock, Mrs. Jacob Ferguson, Mrs. Robt. Aitkenhead, Mrs. John Sweenie, Mrs. Robert Mackie, Mrs. D. Forrest, Mrs. A. Currie, the Misses Simpson and Miss Marshall. The “Ladies in Waiting'' at the Japanese tea-room were: Mrs. J. Y. Marshall, Miss. J. Young, Miss McLellan and Miss Maggie Marshall. We feel certain that if we had such an opportunity to “drop in for tea'' in East Kilbride today, the venture would be a resounding success. The Booklet contains also some excellent photographs of Brethren of the Lodge, including Bros. P. Chalmers, R. Mackie. Neil and George Buchanan, John McKay, George Warnock and James Currie. It gives us a fascinating insight of this Bazaar and it takes little imagination to realise the tremendous work and effort its promotion must have cost. No Secretary could have quite covered the event, however lengthy his minute might be. In August it was moved and agreed that the monies realized by the Bazaar would be invested in the National Security Savings Bank. In August too a ful-fledged Social Evening was arranged in the Public Hall to which all Stall-holders and their assistants were invited. Provincial Grand Lodge sanctioned the wearing of regalia by Brethren at this function and the decision as to whether or not a Special Licence be obtained was left to the R.W.M. No other details are given of this event but we feel sure it was a happy one. Bro. Robt. Aitkenhead was elected R.W.M. for 1905 and was Installed, in December, by Bro. J. McKay P.M . Brothers George Warnock and H. Marshall were installed Depute and Substitute Masters respectively. At the foot of the ''ladder'' we see Bro. J. Y. Marshall taking Office, appropriately, as Marshal. At Grand Lodge, as we have seen, The Grand Master was now The Hon. C. Maule Ramsay. Our retiring R.W. M., Bro. P. Chalmers, had reached the end of a busy 3 years as Chairman of the Lodge.


Brother R. Aitkenhead however was only at the beginning of his. He too occupied the Chair through 3 equally busy years of the Lodges history. During his 3 years ( l 905- l 907) there were 64 Meetings of the Lodges of which the R.W.M. missed 5 only. And of these, on occasion, he attended later in the evening. Degree Work was carried out regularly with new workers coming to the fore. such as Bro. Bennett P.M. 233, Bro. O. Fergus P.M.,607, Bro. J . Currie S.W. 524 and the R.W.M. himself. Between them they initiated 30 candidates in the 3 years together with 30 Honorary members.

The latter were mostly visiting Degree Workers and members of Prov. G. Lodge. Mark Degrees were conferred in each year by Bro. Scott P. M. /Secy. 354 and Bro. R. Gilmour P.M. 948. 32 Brothers were advanced by them. Early in 1905 the Building Committee began its task of examining possible sites for the New Hall. Goods left over from the Bazaar had finally been sold for the sum £9 and the amount added to the Building Fund. The Lodge Social event was again held in the Public Hall and an Annual Dance, in addition, was held in December. A Concert was also held in December to aid the Building Fund. The R.W.M. called for support in all these ventures. The death of Bro. H. Begg, Past Depute Master, was reported and Bro. P. Chalmers P.M. received his P. M.'s jewel. A Brother ''on his travels'' was granted l / 6d relief. An extremely intriguing minute appears in the month of June. A Brother General John Smith, U.S.A. had expressed the desire to Affiliate to Lodge St. Andrew No. 524 in correspondence. Grand Secretary, in his reply, stated ''no Brother could be Affiliated to any Lodge except by attending there and being proposed and seconded for the purpose“. We have no other information than this and we are left to wonder on many points. The Annual Visit of P.G.L. was in March by the P.G.M. Bro. F. W. Allan and 9 of his colleagues. Lodge Finances are again given as £377.11.0 with £29.5.0 Benevolence and with £290.4.7 in the Building Fund. A Clear Minute is inscribed and Bro. J. McKay P.M. is congratulated on his working of the First Degree. At the end of the year, Bro. R. Aitkenhead being re elected to R.W.M., he is Installed by Bro. J. R. Donald P.M./ l 53. His Substitute Master was Bro. H. Marshall: Grand Lodge Benevolent Collection reached l 3/ -. Nominations for Office in P.G.L. L. cause Bros. R. MacKie P.M., and P. Chalmers P. M., to be Nominated as Marshal and Standard Bearer respectively. The last entry for 1905 is a very clear Financial Statement - one which was quite unique for the times. It reads as follows: General Fund £ 28.10.5 Benevolent Fund £ 35.12.7 Building Fund £321.13.6 Assembly Fund £ 5.2.7 Total: £390.19.1 The Balance Sheet was as follows: Savings Bank £200.16.8 Cash in Bank £183.9.10 Cash in Hand £ 6.12.7 Total: £390.19.1 The Lodge was indeed well placed for the future years and to realise the plans in mind.


The Lodge continued to meet in the Torrance Hotel until the Installation Meeting at the end of 1906. Benevolence received by Brethren of the Lodge was quite considerable. The Lodge gave £10 to 2 of its Members while P.G.L. and G. Lodge contributed £3 and £6 respectively. Harmony costs, as ever, caused the Brethren some concern. 3 proposals were made to ease the position; To pay £2 each year to Assembly Fund from General Fund; for each Brother present to divide the cost and for each Brother present to pay l / 6 and the Lodge to make up any deficit. The first proposal was adopted. I'he lesser Public Hall too, still being considered for meetings, was deemed to be too costly to alter to Lodges needs. In the Summer a Drive to Lanark was arranged by the Lodge. We do hope it was enjoyed by those who did take part as it was not well supported and led to a f. l .7.0 deficit. A Concert in October was more successful and the Lodge profited by £10. The Brother who organised it - a Bro. Gillespie - was made an Honorary Member of the Lodge. The Annual Dance - no report given - was held in the Public Hall. P.G.L. visited the lodge in April, headed by the P.G.D.M. Bro. Ramsay. In a Clear Minute Lodge Finances were reported as £390.19.l with £35. l 2.7 Benevolence and £32 l .1 3.6 equalling Building Fund. The Lodge was congratulated in its drive to gather Test Fees which had resulted in a record of 59 Test Fees paid. The Obituary was reported of Bro. J . Johnstone P. M. The Installation of Bro. Aitkenhead as R.W.M. for his third Term of Office in 1907 took place on the 21st December l 906 in the Torrance Hotel. The Installing Masters are minuted as “Bros. Baird and McNeil'' The collection for G. Lodge Benevolence raised l 8/ 2d. A very straight forward minute. However, at a Special Meeting, in the Lesser Public Hall, on December 28th “by authority of the P.G.L. Secretary'' a different picture emerged. The Business of the Meeting was, “to consider Bro. D. Baird's refusal to allow the Lodge to meet again in the Torrance Hotel Hall and to fix an alternative“. The Secretary, Bro. R. Mackie P.M., described the “incident” of Installation night. The R.W.M. and 5 other Senior O.B's undertook to obtain an apology from Bro. Baird and to seek legal advice on the matter. At no time are we made further aware of the actual incident or its cause. As we shall see, in 1907, the “trouble'' died away, but it had the effect of causing the lodge never to meet again at the Torrance Hotel. 1906 ended on this unfortunate and acrimonious note.


The Minutes for the year 1907 begin at once on the subject of the “incident”. Prov. G. Lodge had been “unable to assist with legal information'' but, happily this mattered little as the landlord of the Hotel had apologized for his part in the affair. This was accepted by the Brethren and it was moved that no further action be taken. The new occupants of the Hall were the Unionist Association. They were contacted with a view to making an arrangement for Lodge Meetings. However as a full-sized Billiards Table was now in the centre of the hall no arrangement was practical. Prov. G/ Lodge permitted Lodge St. Andrew to move to the Lesser Public Hall and to change the Meeting Night from the 3rd Friday to the 3rd Tuesday. The Lodge thereafter continued to meet in the lesser Public Hall for some time, despite misgivings relating to the cost of necessary alterations. The purchase of a wardrobe now became necessary and it was agreed to at a cost of £2.l 5.0. A red cover for Platform Table was also proposed. The Province Bowling Competition may have begun about this time as a Motion to subsidise the Bowlers was not agreed. A lodge outing to Lochranza, reported enjoyed by all. still led to a deficit of £l.8.0. The Annual Dance was in November, Regalia being worn. Lodge Benevolence was l case of a widow in Canada to whom £5 was granted. To another Brother P. G/ Lodge and Grand Lodge contributed £4 and £10 respectively. Lodge Treasurer, Bro. D.Forrest, who was “going away'' was replaced by Bro. P. Chalmers P.M. . A deputation from Lodge St. Mungo No. 27 headed by Bro. Stuart P.M., was received in March when a Third Degree was carried out. In the months of May and August. the Secretary. acting on Instructions from P.G.L., minuted that the R.W.M . and Wardens had been absent from the meetings at P.G/ Lodge and Grand Lodge. Whilst this is still the subject of an Annual Report today we would be surprised indeed to be obliged to enter such a Minute. Bro. Glen P.G.D.M. headed the P.G.L. Visitation in April 1907. In a Clear Minute the Lodges Finances were described as very sound and among the best in the Province. The Funds equalled £435.3.1 of which £39.3.4 was Benevolence and £364.7.10 the Building Fund. During 1907 the hopes of the Brethren of the Lodge for a Hall of their own were much advanced. At a Public Auction on the 22nd May the R.W.M., with his I.P.M. and D.M., at the behest of the Brethren and accompanied by W. Strang Esq., Law Agent were successful in their bid for a plot of land at 12 Kittoch Street. The cost of this plot, which contained a cottage, was £195. This transaction was agreed to by the Brethren of the Lodge. It was also agreed to Let the cottage at £15 per year, that the keys be held by Lodge Secretary and that he should have the power of letting. A part of the cottage was later “let'' to a J. Mulroy at £9.1.5 per year.

In July a Committee to erect a new Hall was formed including the R.W.M., Bros. J. Currie, G. Warnock, P. Chalmers/ Treasurer, and R. McKie/ Secretary. In September they submitted sketch Plans which were agreed by the Brethren. To questions in October with regard to Progress the R.W.M. called for patience. At the A.G.M . in November Bro. Geo. Warnock was Elected R.W.M. He was Installed by Bro. J. R. Donald P.M./ 153 in December. The Grand Lodge Benevolent Collection was £l .1.3 and Tylers Honoraria increased to £1. It was also agreed that the Purvey Business of the Lodge be granted, in alternate years, to Bros. T. Bell and J. Mackie. Grand Lodges Installation and Festival of St. Andrew was on the 29th November. in Govan Town Hall and the new Grand Master was Sir T. D. Carmichael. This ended Bro. Robert Aitkenhead's very busy 3 years as R.W.M. The Lodge was 35 years old and poised for even greater achievements.


The Chairmanship of what must have been the 3 most active and effective years in the Lodges History to date, 1998, 1909 and l 9 l 0 fell to Bro. George Warnock as R.W.M . The groundwork of some 6 years or more, just laid down, bore fruit. In his 3 year term Bro. G. Warnock chaired all of the 50 meetings held. Whilst understandably, degree work was reduced, l 4 Candidates were initiated. Amongst these was Mr. J. Barr, Measurer, who was to play a great part in the Building of Lodge Hall. There were also l7 Honorary Members and l Affiliate. The Affiliate was one Bro. D. Paton of Lodge Progress No. 873. Degree working wasby Bros. R. Aitkenhead I.P.M., R. McKie P. M. Secretary, J. Currie and J. Warnock. The Mark Degrees, of which there were 4, were conferred by Bros. Thomson R.W.M. 458, Ronaldson P.M. 275, Scott P.M . 354 and a Bro. Muir of Lodge No. 103. The latter was held at the First Open Meeting of the Lodge in April 1910, of which more anon. 21 Brothers were so advanced. 1908 begins with some dubiety regarding Lodge Cottage Tenancy. A Mr. A. Bryden, claiming to be the present occupant is told firmly by the Lodge that Mr. James Mulroy is the Tenant until Whitsuntide 1908. Lodge Secretary applied for and received the Tenancy for himself, from, we supposes Whitsun, at £9.l 5.0 Rent per year. A Special Meeting of January 28th called to discuss new Hall.

Plans is described as poorly attended. Nevertheless the business proceeds and many decisions are made. Agreement was reached to build at the top of the Feu, to remove part of the Cottage and to construct a Concrete passage to the Lodge Door. The Building to be of Freestone at fronts the remainder Brick and to have Roof-lights. 2 Fireplaces were to be constructed. The Secretary was instructed to confirm the common boundaries with a Mr. T. Begg and a Mr. M . McKelvie. The Lodge agreed to call for Estimates to the Building from Bros. R. Aitkenhead and D. Robertson, and also from 3 others, Mr. R. Forsythe Mr. I. Calderwood and Mr. A. Wright. Estimates were received from all of the five and considered at a Special Meeting on November and. The Estimate by Bro. R. Aitkenhead, of £543.

1 2.3, was selected. The Erection of the Building was agreed to be supervised by Bros. Rankin, Hastie and the Measurer Bro. Barr. A proposal was also agreed to empower the Lodge Trustees to Contract . a Bond for £400. Donations to the Building Fund received during this year, l908, totalled £6.6.0 and were from Bros. F. W. Allan P.G.M., Col. Z. Heys, G. Glen P.G.D.M . and a Bro. F. Douglas

Donations were made by the Lodge during the year to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary £l .1.0, and to the Major F. W. Allan Testimonial, £2.2.0. Life Membership cards, with miniature Diplomas, were ordered and so too were 100 Masonic Directories forerunners of Grand Lodges Year books, one might say. Lodge Instruction class was again promoted and a Brother Rothnie reported visiting Lodge Mount Royal, Montreal. A Special Meeting in March followed by a Tea and Social, voted successful, seems to have been a very happy event. At this the I.P.M. Bro. R.Aitkenhead received his P.M.s jewel and Mrs. Aitkenhead a Pearl Pendant. Lodge Outing was to Rosebank and a visit to the Gardens on Lord Newlands Estate. The Annual Dance held in November was another at which Regalia was worn.

Benevolence to a Lodge Brother's Widow was granted by Provincial Grand Lodge in the sum of £7. Provincial Grand Lodge Annual Visit in March was headed by the P.G.M. Bro. Major F. W. Allan. He was accompanied by 13 colleagues. In a fulsome, lengthy, Clear Minute Lodge Finances were reported as General Fund £42.4.11., Benevolent Fund £36.13.6 and Building Fund £384.12.1. Brother Warnock was re-elected as R.W.M. in November. His Installation was carried out by Bro. J. R. Donald P. M. l 53 and Bro. Colonel Z. Heys the new Provincial Grand Master. Ache Grand Lodge Benevolent collection

was £1. l .0. At Grand Lodge the new Grand Master was George, 8th Duke of Atholl.


1909, Brother Warnock's second year got off to a good start with the report that the New Hall Building Plans had been passed by the Dean-of-Guild Court. It was agreed soon after this to begin taking estimates for Lodge Furniture. Disagreements which had arisen over Plot Boundaries caused a Mr. McKelvie to seek interdict to stop Lodge Building. This was refused him and the dispute soon settled.

The Divine Service was conducted for the Lodge by the P. G. Chaplain the Rev. Bro. R. H. Smith who had earlier volunteered for the duty. Lodge Benevolence in 1909 was to a Brothers widow who received £4 while Grand Lodge granted another Brother an Annuity of £10 per annum. Brother Rankin, Junior Warden, who was emigrating to California received an “Appendage'' as a Memento whilst Mrs. Rankin was presented with an Eastern Star Brooch. The Death of a well-known Brother of the Lodge, Hugh Marshall of Newhousemill, Depute Master, led to a Lodge of sorrow being opened and a Masonic Funeral conducted. Brother Marshall had served many years as either Substitute or Depute Master. The R.W.M. gave an Oration and read the Masonic Service at the graveside, the Internment having been conducted by the Rev. Wm. Jack. S. of A. were deposited by the Brothers present before returning to close the Lodge. The Pall Bearers were Bros. Douglas, Fraser, Barr and Brown. The “propriety'' of a Lodge Excursion was questioned by some Brothers. This was rejected by the Lodge and an excursion to Tighnabruaich was arranged for 26th June.

Tickets were 6/ - adult and 2/6 children. It was agreed that no saloon carriage be engaged as the other carriages were all reserved!!! A Charity Collection taken at this time realized £4.14.0. This was divided between Glasgow Royal and Victoria Infirmaries and the Sick Childrens' Hospital. Prov. G.; Lodge Annual Visit in March was made by the P.G.M. Col. Heys and 11 of his Officers. A Clear Minute was again couched in glowing terms. Lodge Finances were given as: General Fund £28.0.5, Benevolent Fund £42.l 9.6 and Building Fund £210.0.6. Lodge Property was valued at £210.5.11 . Test Fees paid were 51 in number - a creditable figure. The P.G.M. here recommended that lodge Secretaries should minute by names the P,M.'s present; that absent Office-Bearers should send an apology to the R.W.M. and that the date and place of birth of candidates be recorded. He also advised a separate Mark Register. Brother Geo. Warnock was Elected to R.W.M . for his 3rd year and Installed by Bros. Thomson and Crann. Billie collection for G. Lodge benevolence was 16/- and it was agreed to augment this at the next meeting before sending to Grand Lodge. With high hopes for the New Year the Brethren of the Lodge went on into 1910.


It was in 1910 the Lodge realized it's great ambition - to have its own hall. A hall which to date has proved to be a valuable asset. It’s worth, in fact, increases with the passing years. The labours of the Brethren and their ladies continued at a high level and the pace, if anything, increased. The ladies Committee held a successful Bazaar and a Whist Drive. A Brother Gillan gifted a Flag-staff and another Brother the Union Flag to fly from it. All of whom were thanked by the R.W. M . as was Bro. A. Ritchie for his painting work . Further donations totalling £4.4 0 were received from Lodges 11, 307 and 347. Further donations from a number of persons of goodwill totalled £14. l 3.6. Furnishings for the Lodge were ordered from Wilsons of Cathcart; a Table, Chairs and Forms costing £33.5.0., a Platform from Bro. Gillan, £4.5.0 and a Wall with railings, £13, from Bro. R. Aitkenhead. Trustees for the Bond of £300, signed at the end of the year with full control and management of the New Premises and Subjects of the Lodge were appointed: Bros. G. Warnock R.W.M., H. Barr D.M., J. Currie S.M ., T. Begg, G. Auchencloss and R. Mackie P.M./ Secy. It was agreed to build amenities to the Cottage and the only sour note to approach Mr. McKelvie about the poor condition of his property adjacent to both sides of that of the Lodge. Grand Lodge Benevolence during the year was considerable; £l 9.5.0 to 2 Widows and 2 Brothers. Prov. G. Lodge also granted £4 to a widow.

On April 9th Prov. G. Lodge combined their Annual Visit with the “Consecration of the new Hall“. The Brethren met at the Lesser Public Hall and marched in procession to the New Hall. There were l 50 present. At the New Hall, the procession headed by the P.G.M. Bro: Col. Z. Heys was met by P. M . Bro. R. Aitkenhead. Bro. Altkenhead presented Bro. Heys with a Gold Key, as a souvenir of the occasion. Bro. Heys unlocked the New Hall Door, entered, and with the assistance of his Office-Bearers constituted Prov. G. Lodge. The New Hall was then Consecrated.

A copy of the programme for that day, with an Ear of Corn compressed, can be seen, framed, at the Lodge today. 23 Lodges

were represented at the Ceremony. The Minute of the event is lengthy and supported by mounted newspaper clippings. The

Lodge was given a “Clear Minute'' for the previous years working and it was reported, as if to cap a very happy day, that the Lodge had been placed second in the Blythswood Bowling Competition. Bros. H. Barr, J. Barr, G. McCulloch and J. Currie received Commemorative Badges as Second Top Rink. Our New Hall was ready for business! On April 19th Brother Secretary took great pleasure in heading this minute: “Held within the Masonic Hall, Kittoch St. Tuesday 19th April at 7.30 p.m.“. The degree was a Mark, conferred by a Bro. J. Muir of Lodge Union and Crown No. 103. The R.W.M., Bro. G. Warnock, presenting a Masters Chair to the Lodge expressed the hope that it would always be occupied by Good and True Men. Bro. R. Mackie P. M. thanked him on behalf of the Lodge. A Grand lodge letter directed 6 Months Mourning for Bro. H.M. King Edward VII. who had died.

Arrangements were made to have photographs taken of Brethren of the Lodge outside the Door of the New Hall. Charges for lets of the new Hall were agreed: Hall complete with Late Let £1.5.0., with let to 10p.m. only 15/ -; Small Rooms l/- per hour and the Annual Payment to Bro. Isaac Currie, Hallkeeper, £2, for Masonic Work only. From P.G.L. a letter was received, the object of which was to ''. . . guide and protect Lodges from granting Relief to undeserving applicants . . .''. And, from Grand Lodge, another to advertise their Library and Museum. An Invitation was also received from Lodge Union and Crown No. 307 to the opening of their New Temple. 19th November. Brother James Currie Elected R.W.M. for 1911, was Installed in December by Bros. Thomson and Bryce. Brother George Warnock, no doubt passing the reins of Office to his successor with some relief, could rest content with 3 years well spent as Chairman of the Lodge.