Lodge St. Andrew No 524


1923 - 1944


Brother Thomas McAulay served as Master for the two years 1923, 1924. He was able to chair all of the 28 meetings during that period and saw 18 new members join the Lodge, with one affiliate.

Brother A. Marshall, D.M., carried out much of the Degree Work at this time, the Mark Degree being carried out by Lodge Atholl No. 413 under P.M. Bro. A. Allan. A Deputation from Lodge The Gael No. 609 was also received with Bro. Murdo McRae at its head. An interesting lecture entitled “Ancient and Medieval architecture“, illustrated, is referred to: given by Bro. D. Sutherland of Lodge No. 171. Social Activities are indicated in minutes of Annual Dance in March and Annual Social in November. Fiche Accounts for the Jubilee Year 1922 were passed when presented and a vote of Appreciation recorded to the ladies who made it possible. Bro. Neil McMillan, 23, joins the Lodge in 1923 and the I.P.M. Bro. W. Hamilton leaves East Kilbride to live in Tain. Before leaving he presents the Lodge with 2 “Wall-Panels“. A Petition Book for Applications is begun and Bro. A. Gibbons, Treasurer moves that Life-members too should receive an Annual Receipt for Payments. Lodge Benevolence is contained in Benevolent Grants to Glasgow’s 3 Hospitals as formerly plus the Convalescent Homes in Largs, a total of £4.4.0. The Obituaries of 2 Brothers of Lodge are recorded; those of Bros. Fulton, Past S M., and D. Robertson, Organist. Grand Lodge erecting their : Library call for items to be donated and also sent a draft of their Constitution for approval. Lodge St. Andrew suggested amendments to this. Provincial Grand Lodge, making their Annual Visit in December, gave a “Clear minute“. They were headed by Bro. Gardner, S.P.G.M. During 1923 testimonials to no less than 4 Bros. of Provincial Grand Lodge (Bros. Pattison, Kirkwood, Michie and Watson) were subscribed to by the Lodge in the sum of £3.3.0. The Nominations and Elections at the end of the year resulted in re-election for all Senior Office-Bearers. The Installing Master in December was the indefatigable Bro. D. Paton. P.M. (P.G.J.D.)


In 1924 we find the Working of Degrees in the hands of Bros. J. Grieve. D. Scott, and W. Cruickshank assisted by a Bro. W. Wood Inner Guard, Lodge Tollcross, 1194. The Mark was conferred by P. M. Bro. J. Mackie, Lodge No. 458, upon 8 Master- Masons. Two new Committees were formed early in the year - Entertainment and Finance. The Lodge Junior Warden was Convenor to the former. The Finance Committee lost no time in making an early report. They reported to Lodge that half the Test Fees due were not paid and advised writing to those in arrears. They urged economy in the running of the Hall and, to reduce lighting-bills advised a lesser number of gas lights in the Hall. Some lights were later removed and all were renovated by Bro. Torlay. On their advice also the Benevolent Fund purchased £50 of War Savings Certificates. Brothers D. Hood and D. Scott. Wardens, reported visiting Lodge Blantyre No. 557 50th Anniversary and the R.W.M. to Lord Blythswood's Garden Party in September. The Lodge was once more placed Second in the Bowling Competition the team being Bros. Barr (Skip) Allan, Asher and Auchencloss. Gifts to the Lodge were made by Bro. W. McMartin – a Door-Knocker and by A. Buchanan - a supply of firewood. A Brother also gave his £5 Lodge loan voucher to the Lodge as a Donation. The Cottage belonging to the Lodge was, about this time, re-painted and re-papered. Lodge Benevolence was in the regular £3.3.0 to Glasgow's 3 Hospitals and 25/- to St. Dunstans for the Blind. The Obituaries of 2 Brothers were reported; Bro. H. Kerr (Australia) and Bro. A. Young. The LodgeHall-Keeper having proved negligent in her Duties, was given a Months Notice and replaced by James Wallace. The Honoraria of Secretary, Treasurer, and Tyler at this time were £10, £6.6.0 and £3.3.0 respectively. At the Nomination and Election Meeting there were 2 nominations for R.W.M. Bros. A. Marshall and R. L. Bedford. A. A. Marshall received the vote of the Brethren and was elected R.W.M. for 1925. Brother Bedford continued as Secretary and Bro. A. W. Gibbons, Treasurer. The Substitute Master was Bro. D. Hood. At the Installation in December, carried out by P.M as Bro. J. Mackie 458 and D. Paton 524, there were Deputations fromLodges Eaglesham and Busby headed by Bros.McWilliam and D. McAulay. And, at Grand Lodge, the New Grand Master was Bro. John James, 12th Earl of Stair.


In our History of the Lodge we begin to come, now, in 1925, to the names of Brothers who, although they do not live to see our Centenary, yet remain so very strongly in the memories of those who do participate. Such a master of the Lodge was Bro. A. Y. Marshall, R.W.M. in 1925. With 7 Initiates and 2 Affiliates it may well have been a moderate year - his influence and inspiration however, were to extend for many years thereafter. Lodge Working was in the hands of such Bros. as Bros. Scott, Grieve, Hood, Cruickshank and a deputation from Tollcross No. 1194. The Mark Degree was by Bro. T. McAulay I.P.M. - 6 Bros. going through. Other Deputations noted were from Atholl No. 384 Kirkintilloch, Busby 458 and Eaglesham 1265, headed by Bros. Hamil, Wright and the Rev. D. Seath respectively. Outgoing Visitation Reports by Bros. of the Lodge show an increase or are more carefully minuted. Besides those to Provincial Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge others are noted to St. Brydes 579 at Uddingston and Alexandria 1282 Glasgow. Most interesting however is that by Bro. T. McAulay I.P.M. to the Consecration of St. Andrews, Coylton, Ayrshire No. 1334. Benevolence in 1925 was notable. After the regular Donations to Glasgow's Hospitals a Bro. of Lodge received a Grant of £2. This Brother had already received generous grants from Lodge St. John, Rothesay No. 292 in the sum of £8. The Lodge also granted £10 to the Orphan Children of a deceased Bro. of the Lodge. To this Provincial Grand Lodge later added £|25. Grand Lodge itself wrote to ask if there were any remaining cases of War-time casualties, Bros. or their dependants, in need of Benevolence and not know to Grand Lodge. These to be at once reported. Provincial Grand Lodge made their Annual Visit in January - the occasion also of Lodge Burns Supper. We feel confident that the Clear minute was made in advance of the Celebration. Brother D. B. Paton P.M. had been “nominated for Office'' in P.G.L. 3 rather poignant Obituaries occurred in 1925. Those of Bro. J. King, killed at work in Glasgow; Bro. J. Sweenie, Past Chaplain who died just short of completing 50 years as a Member of Lodge and the Worthy Bro. J. Mackie, P.M. No. 458, P.G.S.S. The Lodge later subscribed to a Memorial for Bro. MacKie. Gifts to Lodge at this time were a “very fine Bible'' - anonymously, and, from, Bro. J. Leckie a Mark Master Masons Jewel. (Where-ever did that Jewel go to?)

And, on the subject of Jewels, Lodge decided to stop “collecting'' for a P.M.‘s Jewel for each I.P.M. and to charge the General Fund outright, with a ceiling of £l 5.15.0 on the amount to be expended. Social Activities in 1925 were Whist. Dances and Burns Supper. The Divine Service, held in September was taken by the Rev. D. Seath, R.W.M. Lodge St. John Busby, No. 458. Bye-law amendments passed during the year were to increase Life Membership from £1.10.0 to £2.2.0 and to hold the Nomination and Elections together in future at the A.G.M. in November. It was also enacted that Lodge Tyler, who had no vote in General Committee, be excused, if he so desired to be, the paying of his Annual Test Fee. The Nomination and Election of 1925 resulted in Bro. R. L. Bedford Past Secretary, being Elected R.W.M. for 1926. His Secretary would be Bro. T. McAulay P.M. and Treasurer Bro. A. Gibbons. Substitute and Depute Masters were Bros. Hood and Cruickshanks respectively.

Installing Masters in December were Bros. Stephen and Simpson P.M.s Lodge No. 592. The year ended on a busy note with Enquiry, General and Benevolent Committees all meeting on the 15th December.

At Grand Lodge the Earl of Stair relinquished Office as Grand Master to none other than our own Provincial Grand Master in Renfrewshire East - Sir Archibald Douglas, 4th Lord Blythswood. For the next 3 years his dual-offices must have kept him very busy, to say the least.


1926, a difficult year in the Country at large, did not cause the Lodge to falter greatly, if at all. Brother R. Bedford chaired all meetings during his term of Office and saw 13 new members join the Lodge, with 2 Affiliates. The Working of Degrees was mainly in the hands of Bro. A. Y. Marshall I.P.M., including the Mark. A Third Degree was carried out by Bro. O. Williams P.M. 1282. Deputations to Lodge were from Cambuslang l 14, twice, and from Ibrox 1272 headed by Bros. Simpson, Green and Tennant respectively. The Lodge itself went out to Riddrie 1340 and to Tollcross 1194 where a Third Degree was carried out. Bro. A. Y. Marshall I.P.M. visited some 6 other Lodges. Provincial Grand Lodge made its Annual visit in January. The P.G.M., Lord Blythswood, was attended by 11 Members of his Lodge. Declaring a Clear Minute he congratulated the Lodge on having cleared off all debts. The fall in the Number of Candidates he attributed to the state of Trade generally. He also described the Centenary Celebrations about to take place at Provincial Grand Lodge in Renfrewshire East. These were on the Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th January - a Dinner on the Saturday and a Divine Service in Paisley Abbey the Sunday. It would seem that Provincial Grand Lodge itself was in some Financial Straits as a Voluntary Levy from Lodges to the Provincial Grand Lodge had been called for.

Lodge St. Andrew contributed £5.0.10. The Lodges Benevolence in 1926 was in the usual contribution to Glasgow's Hospitals. Three Obituaries were reported, Bros. A. McCulloch. J. S. Grieve, D.O.C. and Bro. Park - a Founder Member! Brother T. McAulay P.M. reported attending Provincial Grand Lodges Centenary and the Lodge sent Congratulations to the P.G.M. Lord Blythswood, he having been Installed as Most Worshipped Grand Master. News too was received from P.M. Bro. W. Hamilton being elected as a Councillor in Tain. The Lodge also took great interest in a Californian Newspaper Report of Bro. R. Rankin of Lodge St. Andrew receiving his 33rd Degree. The Memorial to P.M. Bro. J. Mackie of Lodge St. John, Busby, No. 458 realized £9.10.0 at Lodge St. Andrew. An Interesting Application for Affiliation was received that of Bro. R. Strutt Lodge No. 103 who became R.W.M. some 6 years later. Lodge Social Activities continued with a Concert, Dances and Burns Supper.

Lodge Treasurer, Bro. A. Gibbons, informed the Lodge that under the “new Regulations'' a Licence for the Hall and its Dances would be required. He was instructed to ''keep things right'' and procure the same. A live and varied year was ending. The Brethren Elected Bro. Walter Cruickshank as R.W.M. for 1927. Bros. D. Cameron and W. McMartin were Senior and Junior Wardens respectively. Installation Masters were Bros. A. Y. Marshall and T. McAulay. Deputations were received from Lodges l 14, 458, 557, l 194, 1230, 1242 and 1265. The Collection for Grand Lodge Benevolence was £4.2.6.


The Minutes for 1927 showed a measure of re-enlivenment as many Visitations were made to and fro with entrants increasing to 19, and with 5 Affiliations. To the Regular list of Degree Workers we see added Bro. R. Strutt, an Affiliate in l 926. The R.W.M. attended all of his Lodge Meetings. Provincial Grand Lodge visited the Lodge in January with Bro. Gardiner P.G.D.M. at the Head. A Clear Minute was declared. The P.G.D.M. announced that their Annuity Fund was now in operation and described the method to apply to the Fund for Benefit. He also urged Lodges to restrict their costs at Harmonys when the P.G.L. made its Annual Visit. He ended by congratulating Bro. David B. Paton P.M. for having completed his year as Provincial Grand Lodge Senior Warden. The Lodge Nominated Bro. J. MacDonald P.M. as their Nominee for Office at P.G.L. Lodge Benevolence in 1927 was in the usual Grants to Glasgow's Hospitals and in payment to a Brother of £10. Visitations were made, mainly by Bro. R. L. Bedford I.P.M., to Lodges 114, 458, 512, 557, 1194, 1265, 1272 and 1340. Individual Visiting Brothers were Bros. Fraser of St. Barnabas 230., Kennedy of Albyn/ Calcutta No. 813, and a Bro. Coombs of English Constitution. A Deputation was also received from Tollcross No. 1194. Following Correspondence from Grand Lodge the Lodge re-Nominated Bro. Archibald, 4th Lord Blythswood, as Grand Master.

It was agreed in Lodge to present Bro. D. B. Paton, P.M. with his Jewel as Past Provincial Grand Lodge Senior Warden. An interesting Application for Membership was at this time received that of Bro. John Devennie. Brother A. W. Gibbons regretfully tendered his resignation as Treasurer following many years in that Office. He thanked all for their assistance through the years. Lodge Social life centres around a Concert, Social and a Burns Supper. Electric light was installed at a cost of £49 and 3 Radiator‘s hired for l year. An offer to supply Fire Extinguishers was put off till a later date - surely an expression of some confidence in the “New Lighties''. Two Obituaries were reported in 1927; Bro. L. Campbell and, after 45 years membership, Bro. W. Jarvie, one time Lodge Secretary. The Elections, l 927, resulted in a completely new team in Bro. D. Hood R.W. M . -Elect and Bros. A. Y . Marshall and J . Semple, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, for 1928. Installing Masters were Bros. A. Y. Marshall and T. McAulay P. M .s. The Benevolent Fund Collection for Grand Lodge was £4.6.0.


1928 - a quiet year. Lodge Meetings were 18 in number and Bro. D. Hood chaired them all. 10 new members were added to the Roll with 4 Affiliates in addition. Lodge Working was by the usual team with Bro. N. McMillan J.W. also being quoted. The Mark was by Bro. T. McAulay when 17 Brothers were advanced. Provincial Grand Lodge made their Annual Visit in January under Bro. T. Hart P.G.D.M.

A Clear Minute was declared. Lodge St. Andrew nominated Bro. D. Hood for Provincial Office and contributed £1.10.0 to the Testimonials for Bros. Gardiner and Maguire. Lodge Benevolence was in the Regular contribution to Glasgow's Hospitals plus £7 to a widow. A Testimonial to the Lodge Past Secretary Bro. A. W. Gibbons realized £7.15.0, but no Minute of Presentation appears. The Obituary of Bro. T Hay was reported as was that of Bro. the Earl Haig of Bemersyde. Brother Semple, New Lodge Treasurer, proposed the formation of Financial Committee, Stewards Committee and a Depreciation Account. A Draw promoted during the year profited £93 - much applauded by the Brethren. The Lodges Hall Licence was renewed and an account for 5 years Feu Duty of 11/11d paid. And ('twas ever thus) the Clyde Valley Electric Power Company announced a list of Revised Charges. The R.W.M. Bro. D. Hood gave the Lodge a Donation of £5 and a piece of Wood to be used to set up a “R.W.M.‘s-of-the-Lodge” Board in the East. A complaint about Lodge heating caused the Lodge to revert to their open fire. And, co-incidentally, an application for membership was received from J. Alexander, Coalmerchant. Another was from H. McConnel, Postman; both well-known locals. Bro. A. Y. Marshall taking ill about this time was replaced by T. McAulay as Interim-secretary. Visitations were made to Lodges No. 0, 153, l 005 and received from 170, 1340 and 1359. The Election of Office Bearers for 1929 resulted in Bro. D.Scott being Elected R.W.M . As Wardens Bros. N. McMillan and R. Strutt were elected Senior and Junior respectively. Bros. McMartin and Cameron were Substitute and Depute Masters and Bro. T. McAulay P. M. Chaplain. The Installation was again in the hands of P.M.s Bros. A. Y. Marshall and T. McAulay. On Xmas Day 1928 were held both an Enquiry and a General Committee - the latter recommending the purchase of 24 Card Tables. (Whist was still the thing, Bingo having not yet been transformed from the Royal Navy's Tombola.)


The Twenties were coming to an end - an era to which we look back with a unique mixture of sentiment. 1929 was to prove to be an extremely critical year. It is therefore good to find the Lodges Minutes continuing to reflect sober, industrious and Social activities causing one to wonder just how much of a steadying: calming influence Lodges do bring to us all in times of crisis. It is not surprising to find that there were only 8 Initiates during 1929 when Bro. D. Scott was R.W.M. Lodge Working was assisted by Deputations from Tollcross 1194 and Eaglesham 1265 with Masters Bros. Paterson and Weir at the Head. In turn Bros. D. Hood and R. Strutt Worked Degrees for Lodges Battlefield 1258 and Burnside 1361. Bro. T. McAulay too carried out a Mark Degree for Lodge Eaglesham 1265. A visit to the Lodge by Bro. Goudie, R.W.M. Lodge Major Ness, 948, is also recorded. Lodge Benevolence was in £4.7.6 to a widow and £10 to a distressed Brother. Provincial Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge each added £20 to Grants to this Brother - to be paid out at £5 Monthly. Lodge Rates and Taxes for 1928 were £23.8.6. Lodge General Fund was set up at this time. The 24 Card Tables were bought and so too were 96 chairs. The Monthly Whist Drives (2/- each) were going well with a credit balance declared, in January, of £7. A Door-knocker was donated by Bro. Patrick and an extension to the premises proposed. This Extension, later known as the Kitchen, was 20ft. x 12ft. approx. It was erected by Voluntary Labour, Materials costing £43. A11 was completed by the October and many Brethren were thanked for their work, particularly Bro. J. Orr, Clerk of Works. Two Obituaries were recorded; Bros. H. Paton and J. Buchanan. It was, however, in the November of 1929 that the Province and indeed the Craft in Scotland, England and Ireland were greatly shocked and saddened by the Death of Bro. Archibald, 4th Lord Blythswood, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland; Member of the Grand Lodges of England and Ireland, Provincial Grand Master of the Province of' Renfrewshire East. In Lodge St. Andrew a moving Oration was given by Bro. D. B. Paton, P.M. The Festival of St. Andrew, in Edinburgh, was cancelled. The new Grand Master was Bro. A. A. Hagart Spiers of Elderslie and the new P.G.M.R.E. Bro. Thomas Hart. Brother Hart would prove to serve for a lengthy 17 years. The Election of Office-Bearers for 1930 caused Bro. D. Cameron to become R.W.M.- Elect. He was Installed by P.M.s Bros. T. McAulay and D. Hood. Lodge Secretary was Bro. W. Cruickshank P.M. and Treasurer, Bro. J. Gorrie. Bro. N. McMillan was Sub-Master with Bros. R. Strutt and J. Semple, Wardens.


To Bro. D. Cameron fell the Honour of Chairing the Lodge into the ''Thirties''. No doubt the Brethren went into the new decade with high hopes, glad to leave the ''troubled Twenties'' behind. With hind-sight we know that it was a case of “out of the frying-pan and into the fire“. Certainly our admissions in the Thirties fell by half. In 1930 however, there were 12 Initiates and 2 Affiliates. and it would be 9 years before that would again be matched. Provincial Grand Lodge made their visit in January under Bro. Pattison I.P.P.G.M. and declared a Clear Minute for 1929. Brother D. Hood P.M./ 524 is recorded here as P.G.L./ Inner Guard. Grand Lodge itself provided a £40 Grant to a Brother of the Lodge to be paid in £5 monthly instalments. No less than 7 Obituaries were reported in 1930: Bros. W. Dickie, J. Coats, A. Dawson, George Auchincloss, James Torlay, Geo. Buchanan and Affiliate Bro. Annand P.M. No. 3, Bis. Bros. Torlay and Buchanan, Oldest Member and Senior P.M. respectively, received Masonic Funerals, with Bro. T. McAulay P.M. Officiating. A letter of thanks was received from Lady Blythswood for the letter of Condolence sent to her by the Lodge. Lodge Finances were greatly assisted at this time by a “Card-scheme'' begun to raise Funds but not further described. The County Assessor, however, added £l to the Rateable Value of the Lodge as a result of the Extension. Whist Drives too were “paying-off'' witness a credit of £26.14.0 over the year. Hall Rent of £6 was at once levied on this amount. Two Annual Dances took place in 1930, February and November. The Hall Chimney required to be repaired and a Report was received to say that Hall Walls should be strengthened as they had “gone out ¾ inch since 1921.'' The Lodge Organist, Bro. A. Wilson, created much interest in the Lodge when he displayed his Great-Grandfather's Apron and Diploma received in Lodge Girvan No. 237 in the year 1817. The Affiliation Application of Bro. John A. Shedden of Lodge Galston 331 and Lodge Eaglesham 1265 was received at this time. Bro. John, as we shall see, became Master in 1938. Bro. Wm. McMartin received the Nomination of the Lodge as R.W.M. for 1931 and, with Bro. A. Y. Marshall as Dep. Master, and the other Senior Officers unchanged, he was Installed by Bros. A. Marshall and T. McAulay, P.M.s of the Lodge.


1931 - a year of extreme Trade Depression - did not cause Lodge St. Andrew, as similar circumstances had caused in earlier East Kilbride Lodges, to close. For this we are grateful. It was, however, a sad year indeed as will be shown. During the year 11 new members and l Affiliate were added to the Roll. A new name is found among the Workers - that of Bro. J. Shedden. The Work was further aided by a Deputation from Lodge Anima 1223 and from Strathaven headed by R.W.M.s Bros. Levitus and Millar respectively. The Lodge itself went to Strathaven No. 215 where Bro. A. Y. Marshall P.M. conferred the Third Degree. Provincial Grand Lodge visited in January under the P.G.M. Bro. T. Hart who received Honorary Membership at the hands of Bro. D. Paton P.M. The Lodge contributed £1 to the Bro. D. Young, B.D., P.G.S.M., Testimonial. It was, however, in the Obituaries of some 5 Bros. that the Lodge underwent its greatest trial. These were of 3 Bros. and 2 Masters; Bros. J. McIntosh. W. Thomson, D. Fraser, P.M. Bro. D. Scott and, in February, with great suddenness, the R.W.M. Bro. W. McMartin himself. Both Bros. D. Scott P.M. and the R.W.M. Bro. Wm. McMartin received Masonic Funerals - the Rev. Bro. D. L. Seath, P.M., 1265, P.G.C., officiating at both. Bro. D. Scott P.M. was one of the 6 P.M. Pall bearers at the funeral of the R.W.M., 2 months prior to his own demise. Some 100 Brethren attended the funeral of the R.W.M.. an Oration was delivered by the I.P.M. Bro. D. Cameron, many letters of sympathy were received and at the end of all Bro. A. Y. Marshall P.M. was thanked by the Lodge for the copious arrangements made by him. In the December an “In Memoriam Lodge'' was held instead of a Divine Service. The Rev. Bro. Seath again Officiated and delivered the Oration during an impressive ceremony. Solos were sung by Bros. Reid P.M. Lodge 347 and Hilston of Lodge 215. It fell to the I.P.M. Bro. D. Cameron to take the Chair of the Lodge. This he did for the rest of the year. The Hall heating still gave cause for concern and the Lodge agreed to have steam central heating installed. This was done - not without bother - at a cost of £68. Monies were transferred into the Hall Account to meet this bill. A Grand Piano was bought for the Hall at a cost of £35 - no doubt an asset for Letting. The Whist Drives, which were suspended for a time, gave a profit of £10.7.0 over Winter months. No dances were held until November when an Annual Dance took place. The Major Allan Golf Trophy was won by Bros. D. Livey and R. Young of Lodge St. Andrew 524 they were heartily congratulated by the acting-R.W.M. and the Lodge members; The Lodge decided to give a P.M.'s Jewel to Mrs. McMartin in memory of her husband, the late Bro. Wm. McMartin, Lodge R.W.M., 1931. This was clearly a gesture of pure sentiment, one we may greet with mixed feelings, but of which we can never know the full depth. So to the Annual Election when Bro. R. Strutt was Elected R.W.M. for 1932. Substitute and Depute Masters were Bros. N. McMillan and A. Y. Marshall respectively. The Wardens were Bros. Sample and Lennox. Installing Masters were the Old Team - Bros. A. Y Marshall and T. McAulay P.M .s. At Grand Lodge the New Grand Master was Bro. Robert Edward, 11th Lord Belhaven and Stenton.


1932 as 1931, was also a somewhat sombre year. The depressing years of the early 30s appeared to exact their toll severely. Bro. R. Strutt R.W. M. had the sad duty to report no less than 9 Obituaries, those of Bros. R. Abercrombie, A. Mason, D. Campbell. E. Grant, A. Buggy E. Forbes, S. Gibson, and, in Detroit that of J . M. Bedford. The ninth was that of yet another Senior Office-Bearer in Harness Bro. W. Cruickshank, Lodge Secretary. He was given a Masonic Funeral. Bro. T. McAulay P.M. became Secretary Pro-Tem. During 1932 4 new members, plus 2 Affiliates, joined the Lodge under the guidance of Bros. Semple and Lennox. The Mark Degree was by Bro. T. McAulay P.M. who conferred yet another at Tollcross No. 1194 with a Deputation from 524. Interesting Applications received were from Affiliate R. Currie of Shettleston St John and from A. Anderson, Salesman; A. Moffat, Bootmaker; and R. Moffat M.A., M.C., Teacher. A Bro. G. Chalmers reported visiting Lodge 911 Glenmore New York and a letter was received from the “Beacon of the West'', No. 628 telling of the health of one Bro. C. Stevenson aged 84 of Lodge St. Andrew No. 524, made M.M. in l 873, when his Initiation Lee was paid for him in return for lessons in engineering. Another noted visitor was Bro. Scott of Lodge No. 3898 E.C., London. Provincial Grand Lodge under Bro. Brown, P.G.S.M. made their visit in January and gave a Clear minute. Brother D. Cameron. P.M. 524, was reported as Provincial Grand Lodge Organist. Lodge Benevolence lay in £5.5.0 to Glasgow Hospitals and £10 each to a Widow and a Brother. A Donation is recorded of £5 from Mrs. McMartin. Bro. T. McAulay P.M., remarking on the large number of circulars sent out and the poor attendances in Lodge proposed that a Social be held after each meeting; that interesting lectures should be arranged and that much of Lodge business should be delegated to Committee and be later simply reported. All of which bore some fruit in a Lecture given by E. Rosslyn Mitchell on “The Craft'' and in a demonstration in Lodge, by Bros. A. Y. Marshall and T. Barr, of the “Testing of a Brother'' seeking admission, as visitor to a Lodge. Further we find the Instruction Class being twice Minuted, with attendances of 14 and 15. Socially whist still played a big part - with Mrs. D. Scott travelling to Glasgow to select prizes. The Annual Ball was in November and the ticket price had gone up to 4/ 6d (?). 2 fire extinguishers and “Exit'' signs had to be erected in the Hall by order; rates equalled £20.9.8 and Emergency Roof and Building repairs cost £95. And still, in spite of all, Hall heating caused complaint. The Elections of November 1932 gave as Office Bearers for 1933: R .W.M. Bro. Semple, Secretary Bro. McAulay P.M.; Treasurer Bro. D. Cameron P.M. ; Sub. M . Bro. N . McMillan; Dep. M . Bro. A. Y . Marshall and , as Wardens, Bros. Lennox and Allan. The Installing Masters were Bros. T. McAulay and A. Y. Marshall P. M.s, as ever.


Brother Semple's year as Master was a quiet one with the accent on Hall restoration. There were only 4 Initiates with Work being done by Bro. Allan J.W. and the Mark conferred by Bro. Strutt I.P.M. Provincial Grand Lodge visited in January and gave a Clear Minute for 1932. They also gave £20 in Benevolence to a lodge widow. The Lodge itself gave £5.5.0 to Glasgow Hospitals and £2.2.0 to the local Nursing Association. 'I'hey also granted £19 in 4 Benevolent caves. The Hall roof, having given great concern, it was agreed to buttress it with vertical steel uprightly these to be plastered over and all re-painted. The outside of East Gable was also rough-casted. The overall cost was some £135 for which Donations of £l 9.5.0 were received. A Bro. Lyle and the Hall-Keeper, Bro. Wallace, were thanked for the cleaning of Lodge carpet and covering of Whist card-tables. A Bro. Woodlands too renovated some Lodge emblems. The visit of a Bro. J. T. Goudielock. R,W.M.: St. Conval is minuted and also the receipt of Honorary Membership at Lodge No. 557 by I.P.M. Bro. R. Strutt. Lodge Lectures continued with a lecture on “Freemasonry before Grand Lodge'' by Bro. W. Gillespie, P.M./ Lodge Govanhill. A Notice of Motion by Bro. D. Cameron P. M. Treasurer, asked for authority to be given, to allow responsible Office Bearers to transfer if circumstances required it a loan from the Benevolent Fund to the General Fund, not to exceed £200. This was later agreed with interest rate 3.5%. Four Obituaries were reported during the year; Bros. J. Herbert, T. McConnell and in U.S.A., Bro. G. Orr. The fourth was that of Bro. P. Ballantyne, Initiated 1872, and No. 2 on the Roll. The Elections for 1934 gave Bro. N. McMillan (Grandson of Founder Deacon N. McMillan) the Nomination and Election as R.W.M. His Substitue and Depute Masters were Bros. T. McAulay and A. Y. Marshall who also acted as Installing Masters in December. Secretary and Treasurer were Bros. R. Strutt and D. Cameron, respectively. At Grand Lodge the Grand Master-ship was in the hands of Alexander, l 9th Lord Saltoun. At the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East Bro. Thomas Hart continued as P.G.M.


Although it was to be another 24 years before the Writer became a member of Lodge St. Andrew, it is with the advent of Bro. N . McMillan (Snr) as R.W.M. in 1935 we meet with those of whom he had personal knowledge. None of the ill-health which overcame Bro. Neil in later years appears to have been present in 1935 as he Chaired all of his Meetings and was able to show a creditable total of 8 Initiates and 1 Affiliate in difficult times. Degree work was, notably, by the Brothers Robert and Andrew Moffat and Bro. J. Shedden. Lodges 215 and 557 also assisted under their R.W.M.S Bros. N. Bryson and D. Dow respectively. The Mark was by Bro. T. McAulay P.M.

A Deputation to Lodge St. Andrew, Strathaven, No. 215 saw Bro. A. Y. Marshall P.M. carry out an F.C. Degree: 3 Bros. of the Lodge received Honorary Membership at that time; Bros. N. McMillan R.W.M., Bros. R. Currie and J. Shedden. It is also noted here that Bro. R. Currie had become a Rutherglen town Councillor.

Provincial Grand Lodge made their Annual visit in January and provided a Clear Minute for 1933. The P G.M. Bro. T. Hart gave an interesting account of a recent visit to Sweden. The forthcoming Bi-centenary of Grand Lodge in 1936 was announced and Bro. R. Semple I.P.M. appointed Lodge Steward to arrange details. A Collection for this event reached 17/6d. Lodge Benevolence in 1934 lay in the granting to a Brother of £5. The Obituary of one Bro. is reported; Bro. John Nairn. Noted visitors during the year included a Bro. Shaw from Lodge Pretoria Celtic No. 281 S.A., and a Deputation from Burns St. Mary's, No. 505. Hurlford. Bro. D. Cameron P.M./ Treasurer represented the Lodge at the Consecration of Lodge The Kings Park No. 1386. The Lodge Whist Drives continued apace with a decision NOT to sell “Half-Tickets'' on the night of Whist Drives with Dances. A ''Quartette'' was also formed, under Bro. D. Cameron, to provide the mainstay at Lodge Harmonies. It is interesting also to note that the Lodge still went from Labour to Refreshment for Harmony, and, after Harmony, returned to Labour once more to Close the Lodge in due form. One wonders what reception any proposal would receive today for the return of that procedure! A request was received for Lodge Hall to be well - heated in advance of any Let and the Hall Keeper was so directed. The Heating Cost and Range of Hall charges were to be ''looked-into''. A later decision kept the Hall charges unchanged. A Day let at this time was £2.2.0. A request from H.M. Inspector-of-Taxes for Lodge Balance Sheets caused a later meeting of Finance Committee to accept the Inspector's assessment of Tax for the years 1927- 1934 and to agree the payment of same. One can picture some crestfallen faces at this time.

The Election of November 1934 gave as R.W.M.-E1ect Bro. T. Lennox with Bro. R. Semple S.M. The Wardens were Bros. R. Allan and H. McConnell. The Dep. Master was later named as Bro. T. McAulay P. M. The Installing Masters in December were Bro. R Lennox P.M. “Troon Navigation'' No. 86 and Bro. N. McAsklll, P.M., Burns St. Mary‘s, No. 505, Hurlford. Grand Lodge Benevolence realised £3.9.0.


1935 was another ''quiet'' year as were so many of the Middle thirties. Bro. T. Lennox Chaired all the Meetings held in his year and the Roll indicates 4 new members. Bro. R. Moffat continued with Degree Working and the Mark Degree for 1935 was carried out by Bro. Strutt P.M. Secretary. The Lodge made an Official visit to Hurlford No. 505 where a Third Degree was in the hands of Bro. A. Y. Marshall P. M. Bro. Semple P. M. represented the Lodge at the Bi-centenary of Lodge Kilwinning No. 4 whilst a Bro. S. Dodd reported a visit to Lodge Peel, I.O.M.

Four Obituaries were reported during the year; Bros. J. Benton, J. McBain, J. Lyle and R. McAulay. Lodge Benevolence lay in £3:3.0 to Glasgow's Hospitals and 2 payments of £5 to the widow of a Brother. Provincial Grand Lodge made their visit in January and gave a Clear Minute for 1934. They also gave £20 in Benevolence to the above widow. The new 'Constitution and Laws' of Grand Lodge were vetted as required and returned to them with recommendations from the Lodge. Bro. D. Cameron P.M./ Secretary reported a visit to the Lodge-rooms by the M.W.G.M. Bro. Lord Saltoun. This appears to have been an entirely informal visit during Lodge Summer Recess. The Financial Statement for 1934 was presented and accepted. However, Auditor Bro. Gorrie pointed out how low the Funds of Lodge had become. A Meeting of the Finance Committee later recommended ( l ) That the cost of Refreshments should not be borne by Lodge Funds but that Bros. should ''buy their own” (2) that “after-meeting teas'' be withdrawn if the collection for same did not meet cost (3) That the running of Whist Drives be checked to ensure a reasonable return (4) That a Draw be promoted. It was also recommended. and later agreed, that £135 in Hall Fund be paid back to Benevolent Fund as part- payment of Loan received. The Election of Office Bearers for 1936 gave Bro. R. Allan as R.W.M.-E1ect with Bro. Semple as Sub-Master. The Wardens-elect were Bros. R. Currie and J. Shedden. The Installing Masters in December were Bros. Semple and Strutt, P.M.s. Bro. Lennox

then received his P.M.s Jewel and the Collection for Grand Lodge Benevolence was £3.10.0. At Provincial Grand Lodge Bro. T. Hart had been re-elected as P.G.M. whilst at Grand Lodge the new Grand Master was Bro. Sir lan Colquhoun, of Luss.


Brother Robert Allan's year as Master, 1936, was also quiet. 7 new members joined the Lodge under the guidance of the Lodge Office Bearers with Bro. H. McConnell emerging as a new Degree worker.

The Mark Degree was by a Deputation from Lodge Hurlford, No. 505 under Bro. J. McLauchlin R.W.M. Provincial Grand Lodge visited in January and gave a Clear Minute for 1935. Lodge Benevolence was in the regular Donation to Glasgow's Hospitals and £5 to a Bro. of the Lodge: One Obituary was reported that of Lodge Organist Bro. J. Wllliamson. The Lodge House was re-papered and the Hall renovated at a cost, for the Hall, of £13.15.0. A ton of coke, it is minuted at this time, cost £1.7.6!!! Lodge Hallkeeper Bro. J. Wallace resigned and was replaced by a Miss Mackie. The Financial Statement for October 1936 was accepted but the Auditors expressed great alarm at the General Fund Deficit. A proposal was made in December to cease Circulars and to advertise in local Press.

An application for a let of Hall each 4th Saturday was received from a Mrs. Watson on behalf of the Proposed new “Order of the Eastern Star'' Chapter. This was granted at 5/- per meeting. Grand Lodge Mi-centenary took place and was reported upon by P.M. Bro. Semple. It was a 2 day event. The Lodge agreed to give a Bro. Hood a Bi-centenary Jewel, “for services rendered“. It was also agreed at this time to purchase a Centenary Jewel of Provincial Grand Lodge to be worn by the Lodge R.W.M . At the end of 1936 it is also minuted that the retiring R.W. M. Bro. R. Allan received his P.M.s Jewel and also, from the Bros. of the Lodge, an Apron and Case! The Election for I 937 caused Bro. R. Currie to become R.W.M.-Elect. His Wardens were Bros. J. Shedden and R. Moffat. Installation Harmony crickets were priced at 1/- each, exclusive of refreshment! The Installing Masters in December were Bros. R. Strutt and J. Semple, P.M.s and, at Grand Lodge, H.R.H. The Duke of York (later H. M. King George VI) had become the Grand Master of the Scottish Constitution.


Bro. R. Currie's year as Master (1937) was a notable, full and busy year. 5 special meetings swelled the total to 14, in addition to many Committee Meetings, (the General Committee meeting each Month). 11 new members joined the Lodge as did 1 Honorary and 1 Affiliate member. Provincial Grand Lodge visited in January and declared a Clear Minute for 1936. A Committee of 2 was appointed to arrange Coronation Celebrations for the 12th May 1937. No report appears as to how the Lodge did celebrate the Coronation but a letter was read describing the Investiture of His Majesty as ''Past Grand Master of the English constitution”. (So reads the Minute.) The Obituary was reported of a Bro. Geo. Sweenie who had been a very ardent supporter of the Lodge. A letter of Farewell was read from a Bro. Borland who had emigrated to Australia. The earlier proposal to cease sending circulars was withdrawn and a big drive mounted to gather funds for new Regalia. This proved very successful and Bro. Secretary was instructed to call for Tenders of the same. The O.E.S. asked for reduced rates during their Social Events and for a Slot Gas-Meter to be Installed. The Lodge made arrangements for the Gas Meter but maintained it's Hall Rental Charge. A well supported Official Visit was made to Lodge No. 505 Hurlford when Bro. Semple P. M. carried out the M.M. Degree. The Election for 1938 caused Bro. J. Shedden to become R.W.M.-Elect. His Sub-Master was Bro. R. Allan and his Wardens Bros. R. Moffat and W. McMartin. The Installing Masters in December were Bro. Rev. D. L. Seath .J.P., P.M. Lodge Eaglesham and Provincial Grand Lodge Junior Chaplain, with Bro. J. Logan P. M . Lodge Galen l 285. The Minute of this Installation contains the following; “Bro. J. A. Semple P. M. was appointed Proxy for the R.W.M. during the ensuing 12 months''. It would appear Bro. Sheddens' business commitments were expected to prevent him attending Grand Lodge and he was thus, wisely, appointing a Representative.

Thus ended 1937, a year in which some recovery might be said to have taken place. As ever we can be sure that our Brethren went in to 1938 with High Hopes.


1938! A year in which War-Clouds again gathered over Europe and Conscription, in the guise of ''the Militia'' arrived for those males aged 20. The year also of the great and inspiring Empire Exhibition, so much enjoyed by many. Brother Shedden had a full year during which there were 6 Initiates and 2 Affiliated Members added to the Roll. Provincial Grand Lodge made their regular Visitation in January, Bro. Watson P.G.D.M. again at the Head. A Clear Minute for 1937 was declared. Lodge Benevolence once more gave £3.3.0 to Glasgow Hospitals and £3.3.0 was subscribed to a Memorial to the Late Bro. H. McConnell. Several Donations to Lodge are recorded: to the Regalia Fund £2.18.0 by Bro. Gray; a set of 3 Lights by Bro. McKenzie of Lodge Alloa No. 69; the Plating of Tools and Swords by Bro. Woodlands and the Painting of Furnishings by Bro. Ritchie. A Box-seat to run the full length of West Wall was ordered at this time; cost £3.15.0. An application of interest, before the Enquiry Committee was that of David Shearer. Two Visitations by the Lodge receive special mention; to Lodge Union Stonehouse No. 244 where Bro. T. McAulay carried out the M.M. Degree and to Cadder Argyle No. 147 where the Installation Ceremony was carried out by Bros. A. Y. Marshall and T. McAulay P.M.s/ 524. A Bro. Wilson became R.W.M. at their hands. The passing of the wife of Bro. D. Cameron P.M./Treasurer is reported and so too that of a Bro. A. P. Ritchie who received a Masonic Funeral. The Election for the following year gave Bro. R. Moffatt as R.W.M.-Elect with Bros. W. McMartin and A. Moffatt as Wardens. The Installing Masters in December were P.M.s Bros. T. McAulay and R. Currie. At Grand Lodge Bro. Brig. N. A. Orr-Ewing, who had succeeded H.M. King Geo. VI, as Grand Master began his Second year as such.

1939 – 1940

Brother Robert Moffat, M .A.. M .C., was Master of the Lodge during both the fateful years of 1939 and 1940 - the last occasion during the Lodges first 100 years when any Master sat for more than 1 year. The Master's own brother served as Junior Warden during 1939-40 also, and, as we shall see he too became Master. The Lodge met in its own Hall until the outbreak of War in September. An undated Minute between 29th August and 12th September 1939 states very crisply, “The Hall has been requisitioned by the military“. Through the good offices of Bro. T. McAulay P. M. and the Minister and Session of East Kilbride's West Kirk the Lodges Meetings were thereafter held in the Lesser Hall of the Church. During Bro. Moffatt's 2 years in Office there were 14 Initiates and 3 Affiliated Brethren these being received and instructed by Bros. A. Wilson, A. Moffatt .J. Learmond, J. Sutherland and, at the Mark, by P.M. Bro. T . McAulay. An interesting Working of the F.C. Degree was that by 3 Blood Brothers A, W. and P. Morrison whose Father was present in Lodge at the time. Despite the times the Lodge Minutes 3 Official Visitations; 2 to Lodge No. 557 and 1 to Lodge No. 505 Hurlford when Bro. T. McAulay worked the Mark Degree. The Working of the F.C. at High Blantyre in 1939 was by the R.W.M. and his Brother Andrew, J.W. Provincial Grand Lodge made its Visitations in February and September respectively with Bro. T. Hart P.G.M. giving his now expected lecture, this time on the subject of the ''Liberal Arts and Sciences“, at the 1939 visit. With regard to Grand Lodge we read of our Representatives being instructed to go to Grand Lodge and resist the proposed increase of 5/ - in fees to Grand Lodge. Also that the issue to Candidates of the Abridged version of the Constitution and Laws of Grand Lodge was now compulsory. The Lodges Benevolence during 1939/ 40 was in £17 to 2 Brothers. Obituaries in that time were for Bros. C. Allan, E. Gilchrist, J. Hay and J. Gorrie a Past treasurer of many years service. Also that of one of the Lodges greatest stalwarts; P.M., P.P.G.W., Brother David B. Paton. The Lodge Secretary P.M. Bro. R. Strutt, taken ill in the Spring of 1939 had P.M. Bro. R. Allan put in his place as Pro-Tem Secretary. It would appear that Bro. Allan continued to act in the Category of Assistant after Bro. Strutt had recovered.

3 Interesting Applications were received at this time. those of J. C. Leggatt, J. Hedley and A. P. McLachlan. The first four months of 1939 gave rise to some prolonged and heated debates re Finance.

These revolved around the loans which had been made from Lodge Benevolent Funds to Lodge General and Hall Funds between 1934 and 1939 and the interest which should have been paid upon them. Special Reports were made, and rejected, before agreement was finally made to pay 2% Interest on the loans. The Regalia Funds were also assessed and directed to be held separately. The Special Committee also recommended that a personal appeal be made by the R.W.M. to all members to contribute to the General Fund - now in a poor condition. This was agreed. A profit of' £11.3.0 from a Whist Drive was swiftly added to the General Fund. The Election of 1939 for 1940 was a case of re-electing all for 1940. The re-Installation of the Master and his Office-Bearers was a “modified'' one in the West Kirk with Bro. R. Strutt as Installing Master. The Elections of 1940 for 1941 gave as Master elect; Bro. W. McMartin with Bros. A. Moffatt and M . Bickett as Wardens. This Installation took place in the Masonic Hall, Busby and was in the hands of Bro. R. Strutt and R. Currie. This ended what must have been 2 very difficult years although Lodge Minutes do not dwell on any details.

As we are aware the “Phoney” War covered much of this period but with mid-1940 behind them our Brethren were about to enter into even more difficult times well remembered in the Lodge by many. At Grand Lodge the new Grand Master was Bro. Robert Arthur, Viscount Traprain', through 1940, 1941 and 1942.


The Lodge continued to meet in the West Kirk through 1941. The Master, Bro. W. McMartin, chaired 9 of the 12 meetings and saw 11 new members. with 1 Affiliate, join the Lodge. Some noted Bros. were amongst those joining, namely Bros. A. McLachlan, J. Templeton; A. Orr and both J. and G. Currie. An Official Visit was made to Lodge Loudon, Ayrshire, No. 51 when an F.C. Degree was carried out by Bro. J. Shedden, P.M./S.M. The Inner Guard, Bro. A. Morrison, “called-up'' asked to be relieved of his office. This, oddly enough. is the first reference to Bros. Being “called-up'' during the Second World War. One Obituary was reported that of a Bro. T. Begg. Provincial Grand Lodge visited in September under the P.G. M. Bro. T. Hart when a “Clear Minute'' was made. 21 copies of the new Grand Lodge Constitution are recorded as sold at 1/6d each; Initiates to receive their copies free. A disappointing Minute appears in October when it is recorded that the General Committee were, ''unable, due to a lack of unanimity: to make any recommendation to the Lodge for its Office-Bearers in 1942“.

It is also recorded that the S.W. Bro. A. Moffatt had withdrawn from Office, ''due to business and health reasons“. And further that the R.W.M . Bro. W. McMartin was absent from the Installation Meeting with no apology being recorded, this being 3rd such occasion during 1941 . As to whether these entries may be linked, to form a picture of some dissension, one cannot tell. In December Bros. A. Y. Marshall and T. McAulay installed Bro. Matthew Bickett as R.W.M. for 1942, after due Election. with Bros. J. Hood and S. Riddick as Wardens. The S.M. was Bro. R. Moffat and D.M. Bro. T. McAulay. Grand Lodge issued details of the Government's “War Damage Act'' and the Lodge proceeded to insure it's paraphernalia at a premium of £4.5.0. Thus ended a somewhat quiet year and Lodge was set to enter 1942.


1942 was marked by an upswing in the number of Initiates - there being 27 joined the lodge in that year - the best figures since 1920. It was therefore a busy year Degree work being carried out by Bros. Pettigrew, Riddick, Strutt, Learmond, Anderson. Wilson and by a Deputation from Lodge The Kings Park under R.W. M. Bro. Marshall. The Lodge still practiced the conferring of 2 Degrees on one evening, as on 30th March when a First and a Second were carried out. Noted applications received at this time were those of J. R. Mackie, J. Tennant, R. Glendinning, H. Marshall, J. Leggat, A. Smillie and T Malcolm. The Obituary was reported of P.M. Bro. W. Hamilton, resident in Tain, and also the first “On Service”; those of Bro. J. McIlveen and D. Campbell. In March/April the Secretary Bro. R. Strutt P.M. endeavoured to resign but later withdrew his resignation. With the Minute in April we find the Lodge agreeing ''that any Bro. with a complaint to make must do so in Open-Lodge''. Provincial Grand Lodge made their visit in March and gave a ''Clear Minute“

Lodge St. Andrew donated 10/- to a Testimonial for a Bro. Watson of Provincial Grand Lodge. And in December we have a Minute where the Lodge sent congratulations to the Provincial Grand Master Bro. T. Hart upon his being Installed as Grand Lodge Senior Warden. The Lodge also subscribed £5.5.0 to Grand Lodge War Distress Fund. Monies coming in to Lodge were a cheque from ''the Military'' for £32.19.4 for Furniture Damage and a Donation from Bro. R. Currie, to General Fund, of £12.5.0. Once more we find that pitiful Minute from General Committee “. . . . unable to recommend Office-Bearers for l 943 to the Lodge, as there is a contest for the Chair.“ The Contest for the Chair was between Bros. A. Moffat and S. Riddick with the latter being successful in the election. Bros. W. Wood and A. Anderson were elected Wardens. There were in fact 18 contests, some resided. It is recorded at this time that Lodge agreed for O.B.s in the forces to be re-instated upon their return. Bros. R. Strutt P.M. and R. Currie P.M. were Installing Masters in December when Bro. S. Riddick became Master and Bro. R. Currie Dep. Master. At Grand Lodge the Bro. Viscount Traprain relinquished Office to Bro. Captain J. Stewart of Murdostown.


1943 was a year noted for the high number of entrants:- 43 with l Honorary Affiliation (Bro. Captain Murdoch). These figures are the and highest in the Lodges first 100 years. This gave rise to much work in Lodge and we find again many occasions when 2 Degrees were carried out on one evening. Also Bros. being Balloted and Entered on the same evening. New names among the Workers were Bros. J. Currie, J. Barr, Patton and W. Wood. The “Mark'' was by Bro. T. McAulay, when 31 went “through''. Interesting Candidates at this time were Bros. J. & W. M.Lachlan, J . Stenhouse,

J. Headley, R. & J . Aitkenhead, J. Parkhill and P. Strangward. We have no record in 1943 of incoming visitations but the lodge itself went out to Storehouse and to Blantyre, Lodge Livingstone. At the end of the year a gift of 10/- for each Lodge member in H.M. Forces was sent out. 2 Obituaries are given - Bros. W. Johnson and Past Senior Warden Bro. J. Hood. The increased rate of entries 1942, 1943 caused the Lodge to fall foul of provincial Grand Lodge, when in November 1942 some 9 E.A.s were passed to Second Degree. Provincial Grand Lodge took a serious view of this and said it must not occur again. At their Official Visit in March reference was made to this and to other errors in connection with Laws 177 and 179. A Clear Minute for all else was, however, granted. In October the General Committee did make Recommendations to the Lodge for its Office Bearers in 1944. Yet another “Contest'' for Chair emerged, between Bros. W. Wood and T. Pettigrew. Bro. Pettigrew later received the Nomination and Election. With Bros. A. Anderson and A. Moffat as Wardens he went forward to Installation. The Installing Masters were Bros. J . Naismith and M . Sneddon of Lodge Major Ness No. 948. The Installation was in the West Kirk and the Harmony in E.K. Bowling Club House. Thus ended a very busy and eventful year. The fateful year of 1944 lay ahead and in the turmoil of events, it is little wonder if, briefly, things in Lodge went a bit “agley”


Bro. T. Pettigrew, R.W. M. in l 944, saw 28 new members join Lodge with 1 of each of Ordinary and Honorary Affiliates - the latter being Bro. Munn, R.W. M. of Lodge No. 347. This work was carried out for the R.W. M. by his Installing Masters. and by Bros. Higgins, Young, and A. Moffatt. The Lodges 114, 599 and 1228 also assisted under their respective R.W.M.s Bros. Bennett, MacDonald and Dickson. The Mark, by Bro. T McAulay, P.M., was received by no less than 34 Brothers. A long list of Obituaries was reported; Bros. Esslemont, Winning, D. Thomson, Past Treasurer; W. Speirs (on active service) and also that of Major Robertson - son-in-law to P. M. Bro. D. Cameron (Secretary). The widow of Bro. Esslemont thoughtfully returned his Apron and Sash for use in Lodge. The Lodge expressed Benevolence in their usual subscriptions to Glasgows Hospitals and to a Brother (not of 524) with £2.2.0 assistance. A number of Brothers gave £10 to Lodge's ''Comforts'' Fund anonymously and another Donation of £3.10.0 to Lodge General Fund, per A. McLachlan, is recorded. In January the Lodge had, regretfully, to accept the resignation, due to ill-hea1th, of Secretary Bro. R. Strutt, P.M. Bro. R. Moffat P.M. was elected to take his place. A ''Salute the soldier'' week called for a representative from Lodge and Bro. A. Anderson S.W. was so apponted. An interesting minute refers to a talk by a very Senior Member of Lodge one Bro. J. Richardson who regaled all with “Stories of 40 years ago“. The Military Authority “released'' Lodge Hall from requisition and in August, paid agreed damages of £324. Before this, in January, the Financial Statement had been accepted, for 1943, with much satisfaction, due to the credit balance in General Fund. Again. in May, the Provincial Grand Lodge had also expressed much pleasure in Lodges Financial Condition. Later, in December, the Financial Statement was accepted for 1944. The Nominations and elections for 1945 gave Bro. A. Anderson the Office of R.W.M. elect. His Wardens were Bros. A. Moffatt and A. Wilson with P.M as Riddick and M. Bickett as Substitute and Depute respectively. Bro. R. Moffat P. M . was re-elected Secretary. In December the Installing Masters were the Old gleam Stalwarts, Bros. A. Y. Marshall and T. McAulay. Bro. T. Hart, P.G. M. had become Substitute Grand Master in Edinburgh.